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by Dave
Updated to 8.9.10-26 on
1Password 8 for Windows Beta
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Beta release notes

Welcome! πŸ‘‹ To discuss the beta, report issues, and talk with our development team, please join us in our Windows beta forum.

As always, thank you so much for being part of our beta family and helping us to improve 1Password. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—


What's new

1Password for Windows 8.9.9-6

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We’ve improved the screen reader support when first getting started in the app. #11347
  • The sign-in address field is now automatically populated with https://my.1password.com if you choose “Enter account details” when adding an account. #12638
  • When you open the Set Up Another Device pop-up, you’ll now see the full Secret Key if you reveal the field. #7228,!15174
  • We’ve made some improvements to the list of previously used accounts shown when you add a new account, including automatically scrolling down to display error messages. #15831,#14620
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could result in a repeating “Authentication timeout” prompt if you use Duo. #17939
  • When you show the search results for a query with no matching items, the sort button will now be hidden. #18055
  • We’ve improved the text colors used to show how many days are left in a trial. #15181
1Password for Windows 8.9.10-1
  • We’ve updated some of the wording in the setup flow. #18318
  • We’ve made some design improvements throughout the app. #18162
  • Private SSH keys will now be shown and copied in the OpenSSH format instead of PCKS8. !14006
  • We’ve fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow the calendar in the date picker to be used with a keyboard when editing an item. #9043
  • We’ve fixed an issue where opening Quick Access when first setting up the app would stop the setup flow from continuing properly. #11350
  • We’ve fixed an issue where text in a text field wouldn’t be read out properly when navigating with a screen reader. #9637
  • We’ve fixed a crash on startup for some users when they tried to launch 1Password 8 on a corporate device. #16275 !
  • We’ve fixed a distorted cursor at scale sizes larger than 1 when dragging and dropping item details. #12337
1Password for Windows 8.9.10-9
  • You can now choose a default vault to save new items in. !15000,!15405
  • You can now choose to encrypt your SSH keys when exporting them. !15031
  • We’ve fixed an issue where an item details wouldn’t refresh automatically after changing specific app settings, such as toggling Markdown formatting or always showing passwords and credit card numbers. #18429
  • We’ve fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a password wouldn’t work properly if the password contained emojis. #18394
1Password for Windows 8.9.10-26
  • We’ve added Okta to the list of “Sign in with” providers. #16402
  • We’ve updated the icon of the beta version of the app to better distinguish it from the production version. !14364
  • We’ve updated some translations. !15463
  • We’ve improved the error message that you’ll see if you try to add a second user from the same team or family account. #17830
  • We’ve updated the Duo prompt to make it clear that dismissing the prompt will lead to the app being offline. #18298
  • We’ve fixed an issue where signing in to a 1Password account that’s already in the app would prompt you to sign in again. #18111
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Settings screen wouldn’t refresh after settings were changed via MDM. #18594,!15505
  • We’ve removed support for Secure Desktop. !15379
  • A prompt to enter credentials is now displayed when a proxy from a PAC file requires authentication. #18506