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by Dave
Updated to 8.8.0 on
1Password 8 for Windows
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1Password for Windows 8.8 is now available. 🎉 Here’s what’s new. 😍

In this release, we’ve added in-app support for importing. We’ve added Dutch localization, and improved the configuration options for the SSH agent. Keep reading for a full list of improvements and fixes.


What's new

1Password for Windows 8.8.0
  • You can now import a 1Password Unencrypted Export (1PUX), CSV export file from 1Password, or a CSV export of your iCloud Passwords via Safari. #8586
  • We’ve added Dutch to the list of supported languages and updated some of the other translations. !13409
  • You can now configure the SSH agent to ask for authorization once per application or per app session. #15801
  • An MSI Installer is available for enterprise customers, please contact our business support team for more information. !13220
  • You’ll now be warned if you attempt to share an item that contains the sign in details for your 1Password account. !13373
  • Selecting a vault is now more accessible with the keyboard when you select an item to move it. #2594
  • When you open a modal, you can now see the default selection highlighted with a blue focus ring. #11746
  • The font size for one-time passwords has been increased to match the size of other text fields. #15903
  • If you use the export feature in the app, all vault icons will now be included in the exported data. #15975
  • If you have an individual 1Password account, you can now view the sharing history for an item. #12504
  • In the “Move this item to” popup, we’ve changed the Cancel button to an X for consistency. #8742
  • The description of vulnerable passwords in Watchtower is now localized. #16208
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash when trying to sync after changing your account password. #13714,#15810
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the keyboard shortcuts to copy item fields to your clipboard would copy the field values from the previously viewed item if you switched the item shown in the main app window using Quick Access or search. #15830
  • We’ve fixed an issue where setup codes from 1Password 7 for iOS wouldn’t read properly by 1Password 8 if your account’s email address contained a plus symbol (+). #15875
  • We’ve fixed an issue that would cause the General section in Preferences to flash when turning dark mode on or off. #12477
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the SSH agent that could cause multiple prompts to be shown for the same authorization request. #16037
  • We’ve corrected the French term used to describe a period (.) as a separator in the password generator. #15101
  • We updated the tooltip shown when hovering over the Help button. #11635
  • Using the keyboard shortcut to switch vaults or collections now works for locked vaults and it will bring up the unlock view for that vault. !13529
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused the Cancel button to not appear on the “Get a link to share this item” popup. #16130
  • Watchtower will now automatically update if you change the collection you’re viewing. !13577