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by Dave
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1Password for Windows 8.7 is now available. πŸŽ‰ Here’s what’s new. 😍

This release has some nice goodies for you. Let’s start with the new Appearance options in Preferences.

1Password preferences window, open on the Appearance tab with the new Density and Interface Zoom settings shown

With the Density setting you can choose how close you’d like the sidebar and item list entries to be grouped. And use the Interface Zoom level to give your eyes a break like me, or if you have eagle eyes, reduce the zoom to fit more in the window. Oh, and yes, the Preferences window is indeed a separate window now. πŸ™‚

The item details screen now shows a lot more information when no item is selected, including a much larger vault icon, avatars for who has access to the vault, as well as the ability to manage access & sharing details.

1Password with no item selected, showing the informative empty item details screen with 4 people and a manage access and sharing link

This release also includes more auto-lock time options as requested, as well as the ability to search filenames to find file attachments and document items. Hat tip to @mdvzo and @mia in our community forums for bringing these to our attention.


What's new

1Password for Windows 8.7.0
  • You can now click the 1Password logo on the lock screen to submit your password. #14095
  • You can now edit and delete vaults in the app. #13945
  • The names of item categories in the sidebar are now localized. !12400
  • We’ve added 4 and 8 hour options to the “Lock after the computer is idle for” security setting. !11737
  • You can now search filenames to find file attachments and document items. !11694
  • You can now adjust the density and zoom level of the app in the Appearance settings. !11865,!11893
  • When viewing an empty shared vault, you’ll now see pictures of the users and groups it’s shared with. #12940
  • We’ve updated the All Accounts icon, as well as icons throughout the sidebar. ✨ !12089
  • Tooltips now have animations. ✨ !11328
  • You can now view a list of your items sorted by their password strength in Watchtower. !11521
  • We’ve added a sorting option to Watchtower’s Password Strength item list. #14239
  • Settings now opens in its own window. #13009
  • We’ve improved the way we retain the positions of our app windows. #14066
  • We’ve improved the screen reader experience by adding the appropriate titles to app windows. #13772
  • We’ve improved performance by temporarily stopping Quick Access when 1Password is locked. !11469
  • Unlocking the 1Password app will also load Quick Access in the background for quicker access. !11755
  • Search results in Quick Access will now be refreshed when you change the account, collection, or vault you’re searching. #13155,#13189
  • Search results will update when switching between accounts or collections. !11762
  • Search when linking an item will now include full item titles, not just what they start with. #7598
  • You’ll now always be taken to the All Items list when switching to a different account or collection. #8169,#12413
  • We’ve updated the design for when you sign in to a new 1Password account. !10895
  • When signing in to multiple accounts, the button under the list of accounts now displays the word “Done” instead of “Sign In”. !12005
  • We’ve updated the wording on a sign in option to “Enter account details”. #14246
  • We’ve improved the design of the 1Password account sign in menu. #13476
  • We’ve improved the wording on the sign in popup. #13695
  • The biometric icons on the unlock view are color-matched to fit the rest of the app. !12116
  • We’ve added tooltips to the sort and biometric unlock buttons and removed the tooltip from the New Item button. #12396,#6635
  • Tooltips will now hide when they’re no longer in view. !12262
  • Category icons now look clearer throughout the app. !11795
  • We’ve increased the contrast of usernames in the item list to make them easier to read. #13210
  • Date headers in the item list are now localized. #12666
  • We now use sentence-style capitalization for item catalog articles. #13260
  • We’ve improved the design of empty item lists and details. !11099
  • The setting to change what clicking the 1Password icon in the menu bar or tray does will now show all available options. #12582
  • We’ve updated the illustration displayed in the About screen. #13916
  • Resolving the issue for an item in Watchtower no longer deselects it in the item list. #6872
  • The sidebar will now show unknown or deleted item templates as “Others”. #13231
  • We’ve added some animations to the sidebar when expanding and collapsing sections. !11916
  • We now remove duplicate email addresses if you paste in a list of email addresses when preparing to share an item.#13229
  • We’ve updated links to 1Password Developer Documentation to be more specific. #13380
  • SSH Key items in non-private vaults will display an informative banner explaining that they need to be in the private vault to use them with 1Password SSH Agent. #13982
  • You can now reveal an SSH key passphrase when you’re typing it into the prompt. !12165
  • We’ve removed the system tray step from the setup flow. !12160
  • Password strength is no longer shown on PIN codes. #14174
  • We’ve updated the keyboard shortcut to view the Keyboard Shortcuts modal to be Ctrl + Shift + Forward Slash (/). #11820
  • We’ve added Show 1Password and other shortcuts to the shortcuts list (Ctrl + /). #5335
  • We’ve fixed the issue where using the Backspace shortcut didn’t follow the “Archive and Don’t Ask Again” setting. #9779
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the app menu button didn’t display when setting up 1Password for the first time. #13789
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the sign-in options menu wasn’t displayed if one account was found. #13691
  • Date fields will now be consistent after your time zone changes. #12492
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented syncing when several very large items are changed at the same time. #14467
  • Drag and drop now includes all selected items, not just visible ones. !11479
  • We’ve fixed the height of the dragged items image when dragging and it now respect the interface’s density setting. !12008
  • We’ve fixed the hover state for the item’s custom icon picker. #13820
  • We’ve fixed issues that prevented the app from being controlled by computers with touch interfaces. !11818,!11879
  • We’ve improved how keyboard shortcuts work with non-US keyboard layouts. #12850
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused the search status bar to be misaligned when the sidebar was hidden. #14213
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the “Choose an item” modal for linking related items was resizing based on the results instead of remaining a fixed size. #13720
  • The banner image in the item catalog articles now resizes properly. #13331
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the item list’s context menu is not dismissed when locking 1Password. #13486
  • Dropdown menus will now close when opening a modal, such as when you open the New Item dialog. #13988
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented selecting some items when holding Shift and pressing arrow keys. #13532
  • We’ve fixed an issue where selecting multiple items with the Shift and arrow keys could result in the items becoming deselected. #13924
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented saving an item when only the month was filled in the date field. #6315
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the strength of a password wouldn’t be calculated if it contained Unicode characters. #13996
  • We’ve fixed an issue where tooltips didn’t display correctly. #13526
  • The icon for a suspended 1Password account is now aligned properly in the vault selector. #13464
  • The 1Password SSH Agent is now more resilient against errors and will prompt for authorizations more reliably. #13547
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented 1Password from importing OpenSSH private keys exported from PuTTY. #13510
  • We’ve fixed an issue where certain biometric settings disappeared in the Security settings when biometrics are temporarily unavailable. #13304
  • We’ve fixed an issue where changing the language in the app would not adjust the language used in the item view area when no item was selected. !11706
  • We’ve improved the way certain warnings are displayed when viewing the Browser or the Developer settings. #12094,#13535
  • The SSH Agent no longer prompts you to unlock twice. #14143
  • We now clear out cached information about the system’s integrity state when “Use the Trusted Platform Module with Windows Hello” is turned off. #14025
  • The installation progress bar now has a maximum width to avoid taking up the entire width of large monitors, especially ultrawide monitors. #13801
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused the app size to be calculated incorrectly in Windows' Apps & Features list. #13949
  • We’ve fixed an issue where 1Password in your browser could get stuck on loading or unlocking screens the first time you connect it with the app. #14020
  • The proxy authentication modal will now present itself again if it was closed due to losing focus. #14308
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the auto-lock monitor logging would create very large log files. #14161
  • The registry is now only updated when 1Password for Windows successfully updates. #13420