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by 1Password Provisioning Team
1Password Provisioning Team
Updated to 2.9.5 on
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1Password SCIM Bridge 2.9.5 is now available. 🎉

This release includes fixes for a pair of bugs in our Google Workspace integration.

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What's new

1Password SCIM Bridge 2.8.5


  • Return “HTTP 429 Too Many Requests” when the SCIM bridge is being rate limited. #3329
  • Non-URL safe characters are now accepted when using OP_REDIS_PASSWORD. #3905
1Password SCIM Bridge 2.9.0


  • Docker images now support arm64 architectures. #3885


  • Logs now include the hostname and a unique instance_id for easier identification in deployments with multiple replicas. #3842
  • Return a more detailed and appropriate response when failing to reactivate users. #3878
  • URL validators for Google Workspace configurations now provide more actionable error messages. #2872
  • Improved clarity and accuracy of Google Workspace group tables member count. #2873


  • Changing a group name will now succeed on retry when there is missing data in the redis cache. #3817
  • OP_REDIS_ENABLE_SSL now functions as expected. #3915
1Password SCIM Bridge 2.9.1


  • GET /Users requests now return the correct number of total results when a filter is applied. #3272
  • The Google Workspace integration will no longer suspend guest users. #2712
  • Archiving users in Google Workspace will now suspend them in 1Password. #3946
  • Failed user suspensions due to server errors are automatically retried. #4017
1Password SCIM Bridge 2.9.5


  • Fixed a Google Workspace bug that could cause managed groups to become unselected upon server restart. #4038
  • The Google Workspace integration will now match groups based on name instead of creating duplicates. 3404