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by Jarek

Passkeys 🔑

Earlier this summer, we announced our commitment to providing users a safer, more convenient way to sign in to online accounts using passkeys in the 1Password beta browser extension. Today, we’re excited to announce that full passkey support has arrived!

With today’s release, you can now create, manage, and sign in with passkeys on a growing number of websites and apps directly from the 1Password browser extension. You can also use 1Password on any device to view, organize, and share your saved passkeys.

So, what are you waiting for? Start by finding a site that supports passkeys. You can do this by browsing our passkey directory, or by opening Watchtower in 1Password, which now flags all of your existing logins that could be updated with a passkey.

Let us know what you think! We’ll be keeping our ears open to better understand how we can build on what we’ve released today.

Image showing a new passkey being created for Github
Image showing a passkey being used to sign in to Github