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by Dave
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1Password 8 for Mac Beta
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Earlier this year we released our new Linux app and soon after opened early access to 1Password 8 for Windows. Now it’s time for Mac to join in on the fun! 🎊

Mac has always held a special place in my heart. Roustem and I created the very first version of 1Password on our Mac PowerBooks way back in 2006. And our love has continued throughout our 15-year history. 🥰

When we set out to create 1Password 8 we wanted to create a familiar, unified experience while staying true to what makes each platform special.

With 1Password 8, we’ve done exactly that. 1Password 8 is our best Mac app to date and today we’re opening early access so you can get in on the fun.

1Password app unlocked on Mac showing off its new design

Welcome aboard the next generation of 1Password for Mac. 😍

Let’s start at the top. Categories now sit atop your item list as a simple dropdown filter, giving the sidebar plenty of room to show all your vaults and their accounts.

You’ll also notice an indicator next to each shared vault, making it easier to see which vaults are private and which are shared. No guesswork. And items show who they’re being shared with.

Screenshot of the Item Details window with a zoomed in highlight of who it's being shared with

Throughout the app you’re in more control, with more contextual information available at all times. Try dragging-and-dropping an item from a personal vault to a shared vault. When you do, 1Password will show you who will gain access to the item so there’s no doubt about what’s happening.

Moving an item to a shared vault now shows a confirmation window highlighting who will have access once the move is completed.

And for those of you that love Dark Mode you’re in for a treat! Flipping the switch is so relaxing on the eyes it’s like beaming over to the beauty salon. 😎

Unlocked main 1Password window showing off Dark Mode

The new design is not only gorgeous, it also makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Giving you what you need and then getting out of your way is one of our prime directives of 1Password. And with Quick Find you can quickly find your items, vaults, and tags.

1Password with new Quick Find window open

You can also focus in on your items using Collections. These are super helpful when you have multiple accounts or shared vaults. Customize which vaults and items you see depending on your current task.

I personally use Collections to hide family vaults that I only need access to in case of emergency and don’t want to see every day. It’s also great for hiding production work accounts until I explicitly require them.

Use Collections to focus in on the vaults and accounts you use most regularly

Next gen Watchtower

Watchtower is your situation room, giving you a comprehensive overview of your security health. Greatly improve your security by replacing passwords that need attention. Worf never had it so easy. 😀

Watchtower Dashboard highlighting your password strength and which items need attention.

Next gen editing

Once you jump into an individual item to take care of any vulnerabilities Watchtower points out, you’ll find a completely new editing experience, including a powerful new password generator, smart suggestions, and simpler file attachments.

New item editing screen with file attachments and new security questions section

Next gen browsing

1Password 8 for Mac is even more powerful when paired with 1Password in your browser. When you need to log in to a site, fill a form, or enter payment information, 1Password for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge surface the relevant information and offer to fill it in for you.

Safari login page for Disney+ with the 1Password inline menu open

Creating new accounts on websites is a breeze with automatically generated suggested passwords — and just look at the gorgeous and more powerful save window! 😍

Sign up page on Redcross with a new login being saved in 1Password

Next gen performance

Our new 1Password apps are built in Rust, a secure systems programming language famous for its performance and safety. 🦀

You won’t see this change but you’ll feel it. The app is incredibly responsive across the board, from unlocking to adding accounts to searching your items — especially when combined with native support for Apple Silicon and all the speed improvements that brings. We’re talking breaking-the-warp-barrier speed. 🤘🏽

Next gen security

As always, your items are protected with strong end-to-end encryption so only you can see them. Along with your Secret Key, advanced MFA options, and secure remote password, your data has never been more secure.

That starts at the lock screen, which now shows all your accounts. Along with Touch ID (and soon Face ID hopefully 🤞) for easy unlocking it’s never been easier to protect yourself, your family, and your entire company.

1Password lock screen showing multiple accounts and a button to activate TouchID

Next gen data recovery

No one likes to lose data (just ask Picard! 😂), so the next generation of 1Password gives you more power to recover data, starting with item drafts, the ability to restore recently deleted items, as well as being able to revert to previous versions of an item.

And if you’re a 1Password Families or Business customer, you can now give specific friends, colleagues, or family members the ability to recover your account should you forget your password. (They will still never have access to your data.)

Make it so 🚀

You’re welcome to come join us here in the future with our Early Access program. Head over to the forums to get started.

Join 1Password 8 for Mac Early Access

I hope you love 1Password 8 as much as we’ve loved creating it. Please share your thoughts with us in the early access forum where the team and I will be hanging out, answering your questions, and incororating your feedback into the official release that is scheduled to be released later this year.

Oh and be sure to mark your calendar for August 12th at noon Eastern when the team and I will be hosting an Ask Me Anything to discuss all things 1Password 8. I look forward to talking with you there as well as within our forums. 🖖🏼

Welcome aboard. 🤗

1Password lock screen in dark mode

Encrypt and prosper. This is the way. 😀


What's new

1Password for Mac 8.2.0-56
  • Brought back ⌘\ autofill shortcut on the current page. Currently only available when there’s a single matching item. Support for multipe suggests coming soon.
  • When Apple Watch is available we show its icon on the lock screen instead of Touch ID. #6836
  • Apple Watch unlock is now available after system sleep. #8830
  • Added support for Touch ID on the new Magic Keyboard.
  • Quick Access opens when left clicking the menubar !8731
  • Quick Access menu now only displays actions that are relevant to the selected item. #9110
  • Focus now returns to the last app when Quick Access loses focus. !8724
  • Right-click on any field in item details to open its context menu. #5227
  • Accounts can be added and removed from the new Account Management screen. #8368
  • Accessibility improvements on the lock screen, Account Management, alerts and menus with many more to come throughout the app. #9215 !8650 #9251 #9158 !8683
  • Many improvements to keyboard shortcuts and navigation throughout Quick Access. !8771
  • Fixed situations where multiple instances of the app could open at the same time. #9087
  • Improved design of item details header while in edit mode.!8764
  • Refreshed the design of the Watchtower banners. !8682
  • Reduced jank in Large Type window to avoid it bouncing around. #9170
  • Fixed flash of unstyled text when opening an item in a new window. !8775
  • Avoid showing the main window of the app when invoking Quick Access. !8713
  • The updater no longer stores previous versions of the app in the Trash. #9138
  • Fixed an issue where Secure Input could be enabled when the app was not in focus. #8457
1Password for Mac 8.2.2-6
  • Quick Access hint bar now fits in one line and shows the correct shortcuts. !8652
  • Added a Quick Access option to the system tray. !8670
  • Quick Access now hides when the user selects an action. !8664
  • Re-enabled vault collections. !8666
  • Prompt for unlock if the user tries to open Quick Access while 1Password is locked. !8658
  • Improved the keyboard navigation for Quick Access. !8660
  • Added a right-click menu to Item View fields. !8617
  • Quick Access will only show menu actions relevant to the selected item. !8696
  • Added an About icon. !8654
  • Fixed incorrect voice over text on the lock screen button. !8650
  • Moved “Edit” to before “Open in New Window” in an item’s context menu. !8585
  • Updated the Watchtower banners to our latest design. !8682
  • Improved the screen reader text for the Account Management sign out button. !8717
  • Cleaned up the borders in the Item Edit header. !8764
  • Set Quick Access shortcuts: ⌘+O to open an item in a new window, and ⌘+Shift+O to open the item in the main 1Password window. !8750
  • Added a title for screen readers to alert dialogs. !8638
  • Removed superfluous + signs from the Quick Access shortcut display. !8743
  • The Settings close button now has a label for screen readers. !8773
  • Fixed a problem in which two words beginning with the same characters in an item would not appear in search results when they should. !8742
  • Added keyboard shortcuts and menu actions for Archive and Delete. !8527
  • Fixed a problem that caused Large Type window to bounce around. !8628
  • Screen readers will now read most elements of the Settings page. !8571
  • ⌘+. will close Quick Access. !8771
  • Clarified the text of dialogs that involve discarding changes. !8619
  • Quick Access will no longer show results when the search field is empty. !8781
  • Arrow keys and navigation modifiers now work in the Quick Access search field. !8781
  • Quick Access now opens when clicking the menubar on. !8731
1Password for Mac 8.2.2-19
  • Added the ability to change keyboard shortcuts in the Settings dialog. !8729
  • Pressing Command + F will now include search filters to help narrow your search within the current item list. #9576
  • Open and fill your Login items directly from Quick Access! #9130
  • Search filters are now available in Quick Access. #9309
  • Quick Access now launches on the same monitor or virtual desktop as your cursor. !8834
  • We’ve updated the Locale setting in our Advanced settings view to show the full language names instead of the language codes. #9218
  • Scrolling up and down the item list is now more responsive when holding down the arrow keys. #8653
  • Touch ID now appears when 1Password is bought up via the Dock. !8955
  • The feedback icon on the app toolbar is now accessible to screen readers. #9225
  • Quick Access is now fully accessible to screen readers. !8962
  • Screen readers can now read out the selected option in the dropdown menus in Settings, item overflow, field actions, and the user menu. #9616
  • Screen readers now announce the “next” button changes in our setup tour. !8915
  • When creating a new item, screen readers will now include information about which account and vault the new item will go to. #9592
  • Added a rate-limiter on our browser integration restart attempts. #7921,#9575
  • Worked around a memory leak in some Swift libraries. #9564
  • General optimizations and improvements. #9542,#9155,#8633
  • The system’s processor type will now be included in the Diagnostics Report. #9614
1Password for Mac 8.2.2-23

Quick Access is now smarter and more helpful by prioritizing items based on your previous searches.

Screenshot of Quick Access after being opened and ready to search for your items

And by popular demand we brought back the fun little keyhole animation when unlocking 1Password and shaking the password field when the password is incorrect. 😍

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • Quick Access is now smarter and more helpful by prioritizing items based on your previous searches {#8819}
  • Quick Access no longer resizes the window when searching #9769
  • Avoid showing dupicate categories within Quick Find results #9857
  • Now hiding the main window after unlocking if unlock was started via Quick Access #9444
  • Fixed Quick Access menu text overflow issue #9650
  • Copy actions are now shown first in Quick Access Menu !9048
  • Added the ability to clear keyboard shortcuts in preferences #9706
  • Removed an inappropriate word from the secure password generator word list but we won’t tell you which one 😂 #9582
  • The main app menu now has a divider before ‘Quit 1Password’ #9404
1Password for Mac 8.2.2-39

You can now use security keys, like YubiKey or Titan, as your second factor when adding new accounts or reauthorizing devices. 🙌🏼

If you haven’t enabled your security key on your 1Password account yet, here’s how:

Learn how to set up a security key, like YubiKey or Titan, so you can use it for two-factor authentication in 1Password.

Note that you can still use standard one-time passwords when needed, such as on devices that do not support security keys, or incase you lose your dongle.

Advanced search filters 🔎

Technically we started adding filters a few weeks ago but today’s update expands the places where they can be used. Now that they’re better than ever I thought it a good time to show how awesome filters are. Here they are in action:

The =vault:$name and =tag:$name are likely to be the most popular but you can also use =category:$name to filter by category and =favorite to only include items that are marked as a favourite.

All names are case sensitive and we do our best to support spaces and other special characters within names. In a future update we’ll add support in the UI itself for constructing the advanced search.

Today’s release brings back the Back and Forward navigation buttons! 😍

I say “brings back” as we had these buttons early in development process and needed to remove them temporarily while we sorted a few things out. I’m super excited they’re back as they make navigating around 1Password so much nicer.

I find the back button especially lovely when I’m editing an item and need to copy something from another item. Now I can go find the second item, open it in a new window, and then press the back button to return to where I was. ⚡️

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • Turn any Password item into a Login item by adding a username. #3906
  • Use your security key as a second factor to unlock the 1Password app. #2263
  • Use scopes to customize your search results and find only the items you need. #9578
  • Account avatars help you quickly identify your 1Password accounts when you add them to the app. !9092
  • Localized status and error messages make it easier than ever to install 1Password on your Mac. #9136
  • The 1Password app now launches automatically when you log in on your Mac, so you can start using 1Password instantaneously. !9025
  • Quick Access gets you where you’re going even sooner with faster load times, scrollable results, and smart actions that let you open and fill items, view details, and more. #9523,#9805,#9914,#9394
  • The vault count in the overview section of the diagnostics report now accurately reflects the number of vaults in all accounts. !9102
  • The background color for the item count is now a more readable shade of red when dragging items. #9412
  • Vault collection icons that include multiple account avatars now align nicely to the left in the menu. !9104 ​- Some errors are kinder than they appear – the Native Messaging Host manifest installation error has softened to a gentle warning. #9903
  • A slew of style and design adjustments to the Quick Access menu fixes the title color of the item row, the color of the search icon, and the style, window width, padding, and margins of the hint bar. !9174,!9072,!9122,!9130
  • The Software License item now has a multi-line text field. #8401
  • Double vision be gone! The keyboard shorcuts modal no longer duplicates keys in list items. !9154
  • The button width is now more compact in collapsible sections of the list of found 1Password accounts. #9030
  • The Command + F shortcut no longer includes a space when in an item list that does not support search filters. #9886- 1Password now sends notifications to the auto-lock monitor that include the time the system has been asleep. #9976
  • 1Password activates silently when it’s opened by the browser helper. #9895
  • 1Password is 100% less annoying now that it won’t show up in your dock when the app is closed. #9976
1Password for Mac 8.2.2-57

Nestled right beside Archive you’ll now find Recently Deleted items. This enables you to quickly view items you previously removed without needing to leave the app. 🥰

Recently deleted items

In today’s release you’ll be able to see and interact with recently deleted items. In a future update you’ll be able to restore and permanently destroy them as well.

Watchtower design updates

We’ve iterated on the design for Watchtower with new fonts, layout tweaks, and button styles. 😍

Newly designed Watchtower

Vault creation

When creating new vaults you can now choose which account it should be created in. 💙

Create vaults directly from the sidebar

Create Documents directly from the Dock

Mac users can now drag and drop files onto the 1Password dock icon to create documents. Hat tip to Casey Liss from ATP.fm for requesting this feature. 😘

Drag documents onto the Dock icon to add them to 1Password

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • Drag files to the 1Password icon in the Dock to create new Document items. Shout out to Casey Liss from ATP.fm for requesting this feature. 🥰 #10076
  • Access your recently deleted items from the sidebar. #7851
  • Scan your Setup Code to sign in to your 1Password account, or use the improved Emergency Kit option. #9099,#9101
  • You can now switch accounts when creating a new vault. #8848
  • Users are now notified if the app is running outside of the Applications folder. #5556
  • The Secure Input handling for the lock screen has been improved. #9811
  • Screen readers will now indicate more options are available for password and security question fields. #9993
  • The item location bar is now more accessible when using a screen reader. #9990
  • Added visual cues and messages to provide more helpful feedback when using Quick Access shortcuts. #9461,#9288
  • Type-ahead has been added to the Quick Access menu. #9625
  • Increased window height and padding on item rows in the Quick Access menu.
  • Watchtower received some aesthetic enhancements with updates to the the layout, card fonts, and “Show items” button. #9518
  • Item permissions are now checked to determine which edit menu actions are available. #9812
  • It’s now possible to use the keyboard to select a vault in the Move or Copy Items views. #8987
  • Found accounts are now more accessible, with proper labels and focus when navigating the sign in process. #9515,#9320
  • Pressing the Esc (Escape) key now closes the password history modal. #9900
  • Permissions are now checked before the delete or archive action is performed. #9607
  • The Quick Access view reopens to its previous location after the app locks or restarts. #9875,#9573
  • Fixed the text wrapping for note fields. !9311
1Password for Mac 8.2.2-72

Those who love customizing the look of their items rejoice! Items with customized icons can now be seen throughout the app, from item details to item lists, quick find, and search results. 😍

Main 1Password app showing items with custom icons

Quick Access also gets support for custom icons as well as a new Hint Bar that shows where an item is located.

Quick Access showing a Roblox login sporting a custom icon

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We’ve added several additional system options to the edit and context menus, so you can do even more when working in 1Password. #4725,#8620
  • We’ve added support for viewing custom icons. #1301
  • Item location information has been added to the More Actions menu in Quick Access. #9249
  • We’ve removed several offensive words from the password generator. Don’t go looking for them, though, because they won’t be there (but please do let us know if you find any others). #9965,#9964
  • We’ve added more drag-and-drop support when importing the Emergency Kit. #10167
  • The list of recently deleted items now only shows results from the past 30 days in the app, and those items no longer show field actions. #10188,#10245
  • We’ve updated the URL to sign up for a new account so you’re redirected back to the app after the sign up is complete. #10212
  • The More Actions menu in Quick Access has been improved to focus on the first action when opened and to show actions actions related to selected items. #10220,#9393
  • The height of section titles has been increased in the item detail view. #9217
  • The style of the sign-in screen has been improved. !9330
  • The timestamp on the unlock secret is now refreshed when an account password is entered. !9261
  • Search results no longer include recently deleted items. #10055
  • The search filter now uses custom template names instead of UUIDs when pressing Command-F to auto-populate scope fields. #9791
  • In the list of search results, the X button now shows the “Cancel search” label when focused. #10199
  • Recently deleted items now show up correctly even if the item has an invalid date format. #10122
  • The field styles for Document items have been restored. #10271
  • The New Item shortcut and File menu option are now disabled when a modal is open. #9200
  • The More Actions menu in Quick Access now resets after the 30 second timeout period. !9382
  • Quick Access no longer reopens to the search results if the user was on More Actions. 9365
  • The padding on the Close button in the Action Menu has been fixed. !9354
  • We’ve added a missing animation in Quick Access for smart or open actions (Enter, Open, Open in 1Password, and Open & Fill). #10153
  • Zeroes are now displayed consistently across fields in item details and editing. #9790
  • We fixed a rare timeout handle leak in Quick Access that could sometimes result in an error message.
  • The forward and back keyboard shortcuts now match those of the operating system. #10065
  • If no account name is available when signing in to an account, we now use the host name for the sign-in URL instead of the email address. #10195
  • We removed a change that resulted in the number font being displayed globally. !9398
  • Button icons on the set up screens are now properly aligned. #9351
1Password for Mac 8.2.2-80

Quick Access detects apps you have open and automatically suggests matching logins. And it’s not limited to just apps in the foreground as it surfaces logins for all active apps. 😍

Opening Quick Access while Slack is in the foreground, highlighting the new smart suggestions

Watchtower shows Unsecured Website alerts only on sites that have a secure HTTPS option available.

Watchtower alert warning of an unsecured website

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We’ve added a new keyboard shortcut (Command-R) to reveal or conceal secure fields in item details. #7709
  • Localization has been improved using new translations from Crowdin and includes new features and menu options.. !9253,#10396
  • Watchtower shows Unsecured Website alerts only on sites that have a secure HTTPS option available. #7028,#7010
    • Quick Access now suggests items related to your open applications. #9390
  • Quick Access will now adapt to your previous search usage to show better results over time, including across app restarts. #10208
  • The Settings window is now always in the foreground when opened from Quick Access. #9479
  • 1Password uses a default sign-in address when adding an account. #9076
  • We’ve made some general design improvements to the lock screen, note fields, and other areas. #10274,#10412,!9294
  • Camera access has been restored and it’s now possible to scan Setup Codes again. #10358
  • Scrolling now works more smoothly again. #10344
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password would show the found accounts view instead of the failed authentication view to sign in again. #9924
  • When signing in to a 1Password account, you can now click on any found account to reveal the password field if you’re not already signed in to that account.
  • When signing in to an account, you can now click anywhere on a found account row to reveal the password field. #9673
  • We’ve fixed a problem with Duo multi-factor authentication that could cause it to fail during pre-authentication. !9493
  • Updating an item from Watchtower or from Search results no longer resets you back to the All Items list. #10337,#6872
  • We’ve fixed an issue with fields not being properly focused in several views. #10278,#10326,#10323
  • Quick Find search results are now cleared after a result is selected. #10287
  • The Quick Access hint bar now hides overflowing shortcut elements. !9436
  • Sign-in requests are now cancelled if the window is closed without clicking the Sign In button. 10411
1Password for Mac 8.4.0

You can now securely share items with people outside of your family or company accounts. 🎉 In fact, you can securely share your items with anyone, even those who aren’t using 1Password yet. 🔐

It’s as easy as copy-and-paste but way more secure than placing private information in chats or email. Just select Share… from the item details overflow menu.

Animated screenshot of creating a share link for a secure note

You can choose when the link will expire and have the option to limit the share to specific email addresses. Once created you can share the link using Signal, iMessage, SMS, Slack, or otherwise.

Once your friend, colleague, or family member opens the link they can view the item directly in their browser. 😍

The really cool part of this is the link itself contains the share secret so only you and those you share the link with will be able to view the item.

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • It is now possible to edit account details on the sign-in view to update it after receiving an authentication error such as an outdated secret key. #10198,#10403
  • An empty item list view has been added for when there are no deleted items in the Recently Deleted Items view. #10023
  • We’ve overhauled our context menu code to process all copy actions through a unified clipboard implementation. #8892,#10128
  • Item list now inform about how long you can recover deleted items at the bottom of the item list for the Recently Deleted items. #10486
  • Added a focus ring to make it clear when the Cancel Search button has focus. #10470
  • Changed “More” to “More Actions” in the Quick Access hint bar. !9525
  • Updated the button style for the buttons within the text field such as the reveal password button in the account password field. !9497
  • Improved the accessibility support to our user menu dropdown. #10200
  • Fixed the issue where the multi-factor authentication code field would not appear for international users. #10149
  • Added an animation effect for when using the keyboard shortcuts to trigger an action in Quick Access view. #10313
  • Quick Access’s keyboard shortcuts guide will now be shown in its own window. #9849
  • Fixed a rare issue where 1Password could not recover from a draft restoration issue upon unlocking. #10488
  • Screen readers will now announce the name of the field that is highlighted #2839,#9883
1Password for Mac 8.4.0-10
  • We’ve added reveal and conceal actions to the Secret Key and Password fields. #9571
  • Screen readers can now more clearly read buttons in the alert dialog. #9240
  • We’ve improved the accessibility of toggle buttons in the sidebar and markdown notes. #10461,#10357
  • The combo box has been improved to make it more accessible. #10467
  • The Hong Kong region now localizes to Traditional Chinese by default and Chinese is now correctly recognized as the default system language. #10534
  • Crash reporting no longer prevents successful app starts on macOS. !9581
  • We’ve resolved an issue where rich icons would sometimes fail to appear. #9482
  • We’ve added _ as a word boundary when searching. ** #10570**
  • Drag and drop now shows as “not allowed” for recently deleted items. #10481
  • Accounts in the user menu and main menu are now shown in the order they’ve been added. #6189
  • We’ve improved the performance of combo boxes. !9544
  • Default drop-down items will no longer appear when typing in a search scope. !9627
  • The Quick Access window now automatically resizes based on the number of item results. #10292
1Password for Mac 8.4.0-19

Add some more joy to your day by personalizing your items with your own icons. Your custom icons will appear throughout the app, Quick Access, as well as within your browser.

Animated screenshot of a custom icon being added to a login

Quick Access has a new account menu so you can switch between accounts as well select from your custom vault collections.

Screenshot of Quick Access showing the new account menu for switching between accounts and collections

Freshly deleted items will appear in the Recently Deleted items list and can now be restored from the context menu.

Screenshot of a recently deleted item being restored from the context menu

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We’ve added support for custom icons when creating or editing items. !9513
  • We’ve added beautiful new icons for item categories. #10633
  • It’s now possible to switch between different accounts and collections when using Quick Access. #10645,#9392
  • We’ve added an option to Preferences that controls whether or not item detail windows always appear on top of other windows. !9695
  • The context menu for recently deleted items now includes the option to restore. #10647
  • The Category filter now shows hidden templates as Others. #6293
  • We’ve added support for multiple sizes of the colored icon for recently deleted items. #10140
  • Accounts are now sorted by the date they were added to the app in the Set Up Another Device, Create Vault, and Manage Accounts views. !9639
  • Search filters now work properly in all supported languages. #10712
  • We’ve added a hidden attribute to separators in the user menu to improve the experience when using a screen reader.
  • The Undo button is now hidden when an item is moved to a vault with limited permissions. #7127
  • The search indicator text is now properly truncated if the text is longer than the width of the search results column. #10713
  • We’ve removed an unnecessary scroll bar from the About 1Password window when it’s at full height. #8970
  • We’ve fixed a design issue where there wasn’t enough space between an account name and the lock icon. #9063
  • We’ve added more padding to the account selection menu button in the window to set up another device. #10532
  • We’ve added a vertical orientation to the window splitter. !9646
  • We’ve updated the style of the title bar and toolbar when the app inactive. #10808
1Password for Mac 8.4.0-40

Adding an account during initial setup as well as adding a new account have a nice new design and several quality of life improvements. Existing accounts are obtained from iCloud Keychain so all you need to do is enter your account password.

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We have a beautiful new item catalog that you’ll see the next time you create a new item in 1Password. We’ve included a list of the most popular logins, so it’s even easier to save a new Login item in 1Password. #10877
  • We’ve added support for the latest version of Duo’s Universal Prompt. !9088
  • The password generator will now hide after generating a new password and security answers are no longer generated automatically when choosing a new question. #10627,10626
  • When you delete an item, 1Password now includes a message that you can view and restore it from Recently Deleted in the sidebar. #10630
  • After signing in to a 1Password account or choosing a different multi-factor authentication type, the input field on the two-factor authentication view will be focused. !9734
  • Quick Access now shows the Copy Username shortcut for Login items instead of Open Details. #10871
  • The Quick Access hint bar now correctly shows customized keyboard shortcuts. #10979
  • We’ve updated the list of the most popular websites that is shown when creating a new Login item. #10877
  • The options to reveal or conceal an account’s Secret Key and Password fields are now accessible to screen readers when signing in to a 1Password account. !9674
  • Item usage is now recorded when downloading a Document item that has been downloaded before. #6319
  • When sharing an item, a message now shows if the item has any file attachments or linked items that won’t be shared. 10658
  • The sign-in screen has been redesigned for signing in to a single account. #10377
  • After upgrading to 1Password 8, any 1Password accounts detected from previous 1Password installations will be displayed so you can quickly sign in to your accounts. #10984
  • Accessibility improvements have been made to our address and tag fields in the item details editor view. #10767
  • When selecting a vault to move an item to, the space bar or Return key can be used to perform the move. #10701
  • We’ve updated the localizations for all supported languages. #10491,#10568
  • The spacing and shape of buttons has been updated to match design specifications. !9676
  • The capitalization style and punctuation is now consistent in Settings. #10303
  • The Watchtower button font has been fixed to match design specifications. #10187
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Weak Passwords list in Watchtower where a different password strength calculation was used from the one used in the item details. If you’ve been keeping track of your scores in your Watchtower report, this change may significantly alter those scores, but they’ll now be more consistent with your item details. #8784
  • Multiple custom templates with same name will no longer show account names if only one is visible due to others being marked as hidden. #5215
  • We’ve fixed an issue where a selected item wouldn’t be removed from view when changing the category. #10875,#10485
  • We fixed an error where all items would show the same modified time as the first item you view. #11015
  • We fixed an issue where the sign in view could be displayed a second time after a successful sign in. #11016
  • We fixed an error where your Secret Key would be missing from a reauthorization prompt, such as after you’ve changed your account password. #11008
  • The option to restore a deleted item isn’t shown in the context menu for that item if the user doesn’t have permission. !9805
  • If you click “Don’t see your account” on the account sign in screen, the window now automatically scrolls to reveal the options. #10864
  • The Recently Deleted item list no longer reloads when a deleted item is restored. #10817
  • We’ve fixed an error that would occur when double clicking a recently deleted item. #10594
  • Keyboard scrolling is now supported for item details in secondary windows. #9556
  • We’ve fixed a display issue that would occur when searching for an item in Quick Access then selecting the More Actions menu. #10976
  • The scroll bar in the Vault Collections window no longer covers up content. #10957
  • The width of the Overall Password Strength box has been adjusted so it’s always at the top of the Watchtower report. #7442
  • We’ve fixed a window height issue that caused the password generator to be partially concealed when editing an item. #10863
  • We’ve adjusted the width of address fields so text won’t be cut off. #10828,#10861
  • We’ve adjusted the wording around who has access to an item, so it’s consistent across the app. #10843
  • The appearance of the shortcut keys have been fixed to match design specifications. #10781
  • We now save the most recently selected item or category, and restore that view when 1Password is restarted. #11029,#10923,#4650
  • We disabled spellcheck in Quick Access. #9850
1Password for Mac 8.4.0-53
  • If the Found Accounts list have multiple 1Password accounts and the user signs in the first one and then selects the next account, 1Password will attempt to unlock the account with the most recent account password. #10374
  • 1Password can now prompt for biometric unlock in more conditions such as restoring from a minimized state. !9938
  • Quick Access will now bring the main window to the forefront when using “Open in 1Password” !9870
  • We properly aligned the “Locked accounts” text in the create item view. !9852
  • The new item modal can once again be closed by pressing the Escape key. !9872
  • We fixed an issue causing some emojis to display incorrectly. #5077
1Password for Mac 8.5.0-17

You can now search for untagged items using =untagged to quickly find items you haven’t organized yet. This joins our =vault:$name, =tag:$name, =category:$name, and =favorite advanced search scope options.

Screenshot of the untagged advanced search scope in action

There’s a new Developers section under preferences. It’s a bit sparse at the moment 😂 and yes it is a little bit mean of me to tease you like this, but it’s something I’m incredibly excited about and couldn’t wait to share. Something cool is coming soon and I think you’re going to love it. 🤘

Screenshot of the new Developer section under Settings

Other notable callouts include some huge improvements to export (you can select a specific account and the export now includes all files) along with improvements to the biometric unlock experience when opening the app.

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We’ve added an option to temporarily display hidden fields with a keyboard shortcut (Option). !10077
  • We’ve added support for Chrome Dev, Browser Company, and Sidekick browsers. #11321,!8980
  • We’ve added support for Edge Beta and Edge Dev browsers. !9950,!10048
  • We’ve added a new search scope (=untagged) to locate items without tags applied. #10134
  • We’ve added a Developers section to Preferences. !10016
  • Document items and attachments are now included when performing an export. #10956
  • Quick Access now only shows suggestions for the most recently viewed window. !9873
  • Clicking the 1Password icon in the menu bar now shows the context menu instead of Quick Access. !9888
  • We’ve added the ability to choose a specific account when exporting. #11113
  • We’ve improved the biometric unlock experience when opening the app. !9977,!9880,!9991
  • Searching within a vault no longer displays the scope syntax outside the search bar. !9739
  • We’ve updated the alert dialog that’s shown when exporting to match our current design specifications. #11118
  • We’ve made improvements to how the item list renders when searching. !9957
  • We’ve improved localization for several of our supported languages. !10018
  • The Tab key can now be used to navigate through existing accounts when signing in. #10339
  • We’ve improved the experience when using a keyboard to navigate between articles in the item catalog. #10942
  • Diagnostics now log when the app isn’t installed in /Applications. !10030
  • Search results are now scoped to the selected account and collection !9961
  • When using search, entering a scope without a query won’t display suggestions. #11035
  • We’ve resolved an issue where locking the app could result in lost changes when editing an item. #10876,#7918
  • We’ve fixed an issue where choosing a field suggestion when creating a new item could close the modal. #11292
  • The hint bar in Quick Access no longer displays two options for “Copy Password” when viewing a Password item. !9895,#10983
  • Tags are now shown when viewing recently deleted items. #11326
  • We’ve fixed an issue where using the Return or Enter key when adding a tag wouldn’t apply it to the item. #11331
  • We’ve fixed an issue where scrolling wasn’t possible when creating a new item. !10001
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Save button could become hidden when creating an item. !10032
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Save button was incorrectly enabled for Document Items that didn’t yet have a file. #11027
  • We’ve fixed a visual issue related to creating a new item from the item catalog. #11415
  • It’s now possible to scroll in alert dialogs if they exceed the height of the app window. #4608
  • Icons in the sidebar have been properly aligned. #10959
  • We’ve fixed the width of dropdown menus throughout the app. #11300
  • We’ve fixed an issue where viewing an item field in Large Type could result in overlapping characters. !9869
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the left arrow button didn’t work properly when using the item catalog. #11147
1Password for Mac 8.5.0-31

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • Entering your account password is now required when exporting data. !10040
  • Other applications can now be selected when choosing a custom icon for Software License items. !10147
  • Quick Access now supports changing vault collections independently from the main 1Password window. !10092
  • We’ve improved the design when viewing deleted Document items to clarify the file itself cannot be accessed. #11311
  • We’ve improved localization for several of our supported languages. #11159
  • We’ve adjusted the link provided to learn about what’s new when using a beta release. #11033
  • We’ve fixed an issue where clicking on a tag from the drop-down list would not apply the tag to the item. #11571
  • Using Quick Access to view an item in 1Password will now bring the app to the foreground if already open. #9455
  • It’s now possible to toggle hardware acceleration on and off in Advanced preferences. #3764,#6066
  • We’ve fixed an issue with editing labels that offer suggestions, such as with security questions. !10199
  • Creating a new Document item now specifies how a file can be uploaded. #11061
  • The keyboard shortcut to Open & Fill an item in a browser now works properly within the app. #11064
  • We’ve resolved an issue where locking the app while editing an item could result in losing changes. #11473,#11465
  • The app’s main window will not jump to the foreground if it automatically locks while open in the background. !10182
1Password for Mac 8.5.0-34

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • Exports can now be canceled after being started. #11116,#10945
  • Archived items are now included when performing an export. #10954
  • Partially exported files are now automatically deleted if an export halts. #10955
  • Quick Access now sorts suggested items for running apps in alphabetical order. #11573
  • We’ve improved the localization of the app in German. #11159
  • We’ve fixed an issue where downloaded files wouldn’t be included in exports. !10251
1Password for Mac 8.5.0-46

Earlier this month we added support for changing vault collections within Quick Access. With today’s release you can now switch between them using the ⌘1 through ⌘9 keyboard shortcuts.

1Password Quick Access window with a custom collection selected using the new keyboard shortcuts

The experience of using Quick Access has been improved, especially in full-screen applications and when using multiple displays. We also now support Quick Look on attachments and documents.

Screenshot of 1Password app showing off Quick Look integration on an attachment

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • You can now use Quick Look to view Document items and attached files. #8252
  • Quick Access now supports using keyboard shortcuts (⌘1 - ⌘9) to switch among accounts and collections. #11036
  • We’ve improved the experience of using Quick Access, especially in full-screen applications and when using multiple displays. !10301
  • The typography and spacing for text within the main app window has been adjusted. !10270
  • Search now includes results for section and field titles within items. #7775
  • Diagnostic information and logs no longer record the username associated with a user’s computer. #10833
  • We’ve improved the message displayed when preparing to export data. #11569
  • Users are now informed if an export fails, along with why it may have happened. #11119
  • Additional metadata is now included when exporting items containing Masked Email addresses. #9463
  • We’ve improved the accessibility experience of signing into the app with a new account and when existing accounts are found. #10511,#11452
  • We’ve updated the design of the onboarding screen when launching the app for the first time. #10462
  • We’ve updated the name of the app installer to 1Password Installer. !10325
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the labels used for revealing and concealing fields in the View menu. #11679
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the spacing of placeholder text in text fields. !10289
1Password for Mac 8.5.0-57

Welcome to our last beta of the year! 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 🙌

This release wraps up 2021 and bookends a big year for 1Password clients on desktop. We launched our very first Linux app in May, 1Password 8 for Windows last month, and set ourselves up for an amazing Mac launch in the New Year.

Looking at the history here on releases.1password.com, we published 123 releases this year across Linux, Windows, Mac, and 1Password in your browser. One Hundred Twenty Three! 😮

Search results within VSCode showing 123 updates on releases.1password.com in 2021

As for the changes themselves, the changelogs for these 123 releases contained 1,917 improvements and updates. 😮😮😮 And both of these counts greatly undercount things as each official release requires several betas before publication[1].

It truly was an incredible year and in so many ways it feels like we’re just getting started. I can’t share everything we’re working on with you just yet but I can share that there’s some huge updates to the 1Password CLI coming soon, as well as something truly special for those who work with SSH keys.

There’s a big hint of what’s to come hiding in the Preferences > Developers pane:

1Password Developers preferences window showing integration features for the upcoming CLI beta

You can just imagine the huge opportunities this unlocks for the CLI and SSH keys. 😉 If you’d like to be among the first to try these be sure to sign up to be contacted and granted access to a private forum here once we’re ready.

Sign up for 1Password Developer betas

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • The app’s main window now temporarily fades into the background when dragging and dropping fields from items. !10360
  • The app won’t automatically lock when performing an export now. #10947
  • The option to export login and password items to a CSV file has now been added. #11825
  • We’ve improved the speed at which potential network issues are reported when downloading larger files. !10442
  • Exported data files now contain a prefix of “1PasswordExport” to indicate what they contain. #2223
  • We’ve improved the accessibility experience related to the custom icon button when editing an item. #11790
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the selected Universal Clipboard option in Preferences wouldn’t be applied when the app the app. !10399
  • The back button in the app now works properly when creating a new item started from 1Password in your browser. #11885
  • We’ve fixed an issue where revealing a concealed field would open the main app window when viewing an item in its own window. #11412
  • We’ve fixed an issue where a revealed field would stay visible after editing and saving an item. #11477
  • When in a collection, new items now save to the first vault in the selected collection by default. #7756
  • Items with long, single-line titles and fields now wrap and truncate properly when viewed. #8482
  • When using the app with multiple accounts, “Vaults” is now always shown as the label in the sidebar when only one account is unlocked. #11891
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the warning icon not displaying properly in a banner while in light mode. #9407
  • We’ve fixed the contrast of the text in the About section in Preferences.

[1]: The changelog for the betas themselves get rolled up into the official launch so they won’t appear directly on releases.1password.com. To find the true total number of releases in 2021 would require digging through git. It’s a fun challenge I might tackle once I catch up on my Advent of Code puzzles. 😊

1Password for Mac 8.5.0-79

By popular demand you can now add your 2FA secrets to an item by scanning QR codes from within the main app, in addition to saving QRCodes in your browser. Add a one-time password and then click the QR code icon to scan an image anywhere on your screen or from your clipboard.

An item being edited with a QRCode scanner icon shown on a one-time password field

While scrolling through item lists you’ll now find the number of entries being shown included at the end of the list.

An item list scrolled to the very end, revealing the number of items in the list

And Quick Access now always remembers your selected account or collection, including across application restarts.

Quick Access with the account and collection selection open

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • QR codes for two-factor authentication can now be scanned from your screen or clipboard when editing an item. #5963,!10486
  • The number of items in a list can now be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the list. #10673
  • Quick Access now remembers the account or collection selection after restarting the app. #11667
  • We’ve improved the way we handle exporting items that include one-time passwords. #11953
  • We’ve made a several improvements to ensure the fields and selections in the app remain in focus, such as when dragging the window by the toolbar or switching to another window then back to 1Password. !10411
  • The keyboard shortcuts window now correctly reflects any user-made changes to the default keyboard shortcuts. #11386
  • We’ve improved the visual experience when authenticating an account with two-factor authentication enabled. #11873
  • CSV exports now contains an Archived column to highlight if an item was archived or not. !10512
  • In Quick Access, we’ve improved how we present the text that indicates where an item is located. #11789
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent text from being copied from certain fields. #11974
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent text from being pasted into one-time password fields. !10559
  • Tags are now properly applied when editing an item after entering a comma. #11821
  • We’e added proper padding to the tabs in the dialog box for setting up another device. !10521
1Password for Mac 8.5.0-83

📣📣📣 Please take our 1Password 8 Beta Survey to share your experiences and help shape future development efforts. Thank you! 🙏🏻🤗

You can now view the history of items shared using our password secure sharing tool, Psst!. After you’ve shared an item you’ll now find a View history button in the sharing window.

The sharing window for an item showing who it is being shared with along with the new View history button

The history enables you to see when you shared an item, who you shared it with, and how many times they have viewed it. You can also delete entries to expire the share link immediately. Here’s how my pie recipe looked after I shared it during Thanksgiving.

The sharing history for my pie recipe after I shared it with my newsletter subscribers

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • You can now view the history of items shared using Psst! as well as delete actively shared links.
  • Quick Access now preserves search terms when switching collections. #11969
  • The button to reveal the password on the lock screen will remain visible once toggled on, even if the password field is empty. !10555
  • Tooltips in the app are now fully opaque. !10556
  • We’ve updated the reveal all characters button when viewing an item in large type to support localization. !10567
  • We’ve updated a few links for the libraries we use listed in our credits and acknowledgements. #12016
  • Vivaldi is now supported for connecting to 1Password in the browser. #11942
  • We’ve fixed an issue with where the option to unlock with biometrics was shown even after entering an incorrect password multiple times. !8824
  • Creating a new item when viewing a collection now suggests the first vault you have the permission to create items in for saving. #7756
  • We’ve fixed an issue where using keyboard shortcuts to switch collections wouldn’t work in Quick Access. #12090
  • The release channel selections no longer use all capital letters. #7169
  • We’ve fixed a visual issue with selecting the button to back out of search results via keyboard navigation. #11966
  • We’ve fixed a visual issue with the field to add a tag being longer than necessary. #11200
1Password for Mac 8.5.0-103

Watchtower banners for items with a compromised, vulnerable, or weak password now include a button to take you to the website to change that password.

A Watchtower banner pointing out that an item has a weak or vulnerable password, along with a Change Password button

A new Appearance section has been added to Preferences, allowing you to choose between light and dark themes as well as zoom levels. And it gives us plenty of room to add some customizations for the sidebar in a future beta. 🙂

Preferences window with new Appearance tab selected

Tags can also be deleted directly from the sidebar. This is super convenient and will automatically update all items that have this tag.

A screenshot of the sidebar with a tag selected along with a context menu with the Delete menu item highlighted

And a special call out to everyone who reported 1Password wouldn’t remember your last used collection when quitting and reopening the app. That is now fixed. 🙏

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • You can now right-click on a tag in the sidebar to delete it. !10434
  • An Appearance section has been added to Preferences. !10674
  • There are now limits on how far you can zoom in and out in the app. !10674
  • Expanding the Watchtower banner on an item with a compromised, vulnerable, or weak password now presents a button to take you to the website to change that password. #12154,#12153
  • Quick Access and the main 1Password app now show collections in the same order. #11048,#12099
  • We’ve improved the way focus in fields is handled when manually signing into an account after opening the app for the first time. !10682
  • We’ve improved the experience and accessibility when adjusting the length of a password using the password generator. #11933
  • We’ve improved the experience for configuring keyboard shortcuts for non-US keyboard layouts. !10310
  • We’ve updated the design of the window shown when you sign in by importing an Emergency Kit. !10659
  • We’ve made some visual tweaks when moving items across vaults or accounts. !10754
  • We’ve slightly increased the spacing between lines in the sidebar. !10761
  • Extra whitespace is no longer shown at the bottom of the window when changing a vault’s icon. #12128,#8056
  • We’ve adjusted the shade of red shown in a few places throughout the app, such as in the countdown indicator for one-time passwords. !10706
  • The last used collection is now restored after quitting and reopening the app. #12068
  • Customers with certain system setups or those in certain corporate networks can now sign in to their 1Password accounts. #10603
  • The total number of items is now shown at the bottom of lists in all Watchtower categories. #12064
  • In Quick Access, a keyboard shortcut is no longer displayed to show Quick Access if one is not defined in Preferences. #11976
  • Using Quick Access to open an item in the app will now bring the main app window to the foreground if already open. #12095
  • We’ve fixed an issue where you couldn’t paste text into Quick Access. #12112
  • We’ve fixed an issue where you couldn’t paste your account password when unlocking the app. !10733
  • The 1Password icon in the menu bar now shows its unlocked state when enabled while the app is unlocked. #6007
  • We’ve fixed an issue where changing the language in the app wouldn’t update the sidebar options in Preferences. !10639
  • Date fields copied from items in Quick Access are now displayed correctly when pasted. #11964
  • We’ve fixed an issue where selecting a country in an address field wouldn’t always adjust the available fields for the address. #12060
  • Clicking the back button after adding your first account no longer results in a blank screen. #11510