1Password for Linux, 8.1.2 Beta

by James
Updated to 8.1.2-82 on
1Password 8.1.2, the favorites view, open on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
Download 1Password for Linux

apt-get install 1password

See Get to know 1Password for Linux for installation and troubleshooting instructions for the stable version of 1Password, and 1Password Beta for the beta channel.

We maintain signed apt and rpm package repositories for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well the Snap store. We also have a tar file for as-of-yet unsupported distributions. Let us know what distribution you use and how well 1Password works there.

We hope you are as excited about a 1Password Linux app as we are. To discuss this release, report issues, and talk with our development team, please join us in our Linux forum.

What's new

1Password for Linux 8.1.2-2
  • Text are now center-justified in the About 1Password screen. !7766
  • Removed an extra word (“at”) from item last modified text. #7706
  • It is now possible to copy an item from a vault that lacks the permission to update items. #8282, !7916
  • Fixed an issue where dismissing the two-factor authentication view would incorrectly attempt to submit instead of cancelling it. #8351, !7963
  • Updated the diagnostics report tool to include item counts as well as any sync issues found. !7643
  • Various internal fixes and optimizations. #8333, #8179
1Password for Linux 8.1.2-10
  • A variety of improvements to window management, visual glitches, and biometric prompting issues. !8047
  • The menu from right-clicking on an item is now consistent with the item detail’s overflow menu. #7835
  • Fixed the scrollbar in the vault icon selector view. #8063
  • Fixed a bug in which dismissing an error prompt during vault creation could cause 1Password to exit. !7753
  • New vaults will show up in the sidebar immediately after creation. !7753
  • Fixed some spacing issues in the item detail editor. !8114
  • In certain old items, the top section header was not editable if it contained a user-entered text. #7429
  • Fixed the grouping of commonly used categories in the category filter. #8447
  • 1Password incorrectly didn’t fall back to the six-digit prompt for two-factor authentication for users who have security keys registered to their 1Password account. #8441
  • Quitting the app while the two-factor authentication prompt was open no longer prevents the prompt from showing up again. #8532
  • Fixed the UI glitch on the divider between the item list and item detail views when scrolling either the item list or the details view. #8393
  • Fix some problems with bringing 1Password to the foreground when triggered from the browser. #8531
  • Default the Setup Another Device view to the currently selected account !8126
  • Replaced “Unsecured URLs” with “Unsecured Websites” everywhere. #7367
  •  Watchtower will now only check the first URL saved in the item when checking for unsecured website addresses. #6440 -Removed the Check for vulnerable password field option on the password fields. !8062,#8279
1Password for Linux 8.1.2-42
  • Users can now edit (and delete) auto-saved web form details. !7984
  • We’ve optimized our icons for performance. !8122
  • When 1Password is already unlocked, signing into a new account will take the user to that account. #5849
  • We improved the look and feel of the 1Password account sign-in view. !8092
  • We improved our error messages on the lock screen. #8216
  • Connections to your 1Password account are a bit more robust. #7176
  • We refreshed the categories picker icon. #8621
  • Pressing ESC now dismisses the move item and new vault views. #6331
  • We fixed a extra error message with the “Edit”, “Move”, and “Copy” actions. #8741
  • We fixed a glitch with the icon selector when creating a new vault. #8059
  • We cleaned up some conflicting UI behaviors with multiple views overriding each other. #8589
  • We improved the look of the missing file icon. #8395
  • 1Password’s connection to the server will now stop when it encounters an unrecoverable error, instead of trying to continue. #8066
  • It is now possible to right-click to open an item in a new window, even if no item is currently selected. #8671
1Password for Linux 8.1.2-62
  • The Shortcut key or Shift + F10 is now available to show the context menu on the selected items in the item list. #8098
  • Restored the Control + Kshortcut for the keyboard shortcuts guide. !8293
  • Aligned the rightmost icons on the sidebar. #8549
  • Dimmed the extra parts of the website address to make the main domain pop out. #8593
  • Fixed the issue where resizing the sidebar would not resize back if the dragging motion was paused but not released. !8292
  • Non-numeric characters are no longer allowed in the numeric date fields. #5274, #8076, #8757
  • Clicking a Related Item now minimizes the sidebar and item list changes while updating the item details view. !8031, #4913
  • Turned off the horizontal scrolling in the Settings > About 1Password pane. !8306
  • Watchtower dashboard now has smoother animations. !8318
  • Fixed the Setting icons to be round. !8354
  • Double click on item in the item list now opens them in a new window. !8334
  • Quick Find now minimizes the sidebar and item list changes when selecting the result. !8328, #8118
  • Large type will now show a correctly formatted title for URL fields on items. !8346
  • Fixed the Dark mode progress spinner to be the correct color. !8335
  • The item location bar now truncates properly. !8351
  • Updated default button style. !8350
  • Fixed our icon cache that were displaying incorrect account avatars on the lock view and Rich items in the item list when using multiple 1Password accounts. !8353
  • When adding a new 1Password account manually, the sign-in address will be validated automatically prior to signing-in. !8291
  • The window manages its focus better in more situations. !8304
  • Updated item detail top spacing. !8401
  • Added new button icons in the manual account sign in view. !8246
  • Restored the Essentials Settings view when signing in for the first time. #8452
1Password for Linux 8.1.2-82
  • Quick Find has been greatly overhauled to be more performant while using less CPU and it can now better handle accents, emojis đź’—, and more. !8414, !8511, #8980
  • Revisited and adjusted our keyboard shortcuts for consistency across platforms. Learn about them by using the keyboard shortcuts guide with Control + / or click the Help icon on the toolbar. #8702
  • Restored keyboard shortcuts for refreshing the window and for triggering the account data update check. #8954, #8979
  • Menu > Exit has been fixed to exit the app. #8953
  • Security settings have been adjusted to be disabled while 1Password is locked. #8655
  • Adjusted the wording of the vault permission setting in the New Vault view. #8743
  • Removed world-writable permissions from our scripts and resources in 1Password’s installation directory. !8500