1Password for Linux Beta

by Dave
Updated to 8.5.0-17 on
1Password 8.2.0, in dark mode, open on Fedora Core 34
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Those in our beta family get early access to the latest and greatest features of 1Password for Linux.

Beta release notes

Welcome! 👋 To discuss the beta, report issues, and talk with our development team, please join us in our Linux beta forum.

As always, thank you so much for being part of our beta family and helping us to improve 1Password. 🙏🏻🤗


What's new

1Password for Linux 8.4.0

You can now securely share items with people outside of your family or company accounts. 🎉 In fact, you can securely share your items with anyone, even those who aren’t using 1Password yet. 🔐

It’s as easy as copy-and-paste but way more secure than placing private information in chats or email. Just select Share… from the item details overflow menu.

Animated screenshot of creating a share link for a secure note

You can choose when the link will expire and have the option to limit the share to specific email addresses. Once created you can share the link using Signal, iMessage, SMS, Slack, or otherwise.

Once your friend, colleague, or family member opens the link they can view the item directly in their browser. 😍

The really cool part of this is the link itself contains the share secret so only you and those you share the link with will be able to view the item.

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • It is now possible to edit account details on the sign-in view to update it after receiving an authentication error such as an outdated secret key. #10198,#10403
  • An empty item list view has been added for when there are no deleted items in the Recently Deleted Items view. #10023
  • We’ve overhauled our context menu code to process all copy actions through a unified clipboard implementation. #8892,#10128
  • Item list now informs about how long you can recover deleted items at the bottom of the item list for the Recently Deleted items. #10486
  • Added a focus ring to make it clear when the Cancel Search button has focus. #10470
  • Changed “More” to “More Actions” in the Quick Access hint bar. !9525
  • Updated the button style for the buttons within the text field such as the reveal password button in the account password field. !9497
  • Improved the accessibility support to our user menu dropdown. #10200
  • Fixed the issue where the multi-factor authentication code field would not appear for international users. #10149
  • Added an animation effect for when using the keyboard shortcuts to trigger an action in Quick Access view. #10313
  • Quick Access’s keyboard shortcuts guide will now be shown in its own window. #9849
  • Fixed a rare issue where 1Password could not recover from a draft restoration issue upon unlocking. #10488
  • Screen readers will now announce the name of the field that is highlighted #2839,#9883
  • Rework Linux IPC to use authorization instead of keyrings #8026
1Password for Linux 8.4.0-10
  • We’ve added reveal and conceal actions to the Secret Key and Password fields. #9571
  • Screen readers can now more clearly read buttons in the alert dialog. #9240
  • We’ve improved the accessibility of toggle buttons in the sidebar and markdown notes. #10461,#10357
  • The combo box has been improved to make it more accessible. #10467
  • The Hong Kong region now localizes to Traditional Chinese by default and Chinese is now correctly recognized as the default system language. #10534
  • We’ve resolved an issue where rich icons would sometimes fail to appear. #9482
  • We’ve added _ as a word boundary when searching. ** #10570**
  • Drag and drop now shows as “not allowed” for recently deleted items. #10481
  • Accounts in the user menu and main menu are now shown in the order they’ve been added. #6189
  • We’ve improved the performance of combo boxes. !9544
  • Default drop-down items will no longer appear when typing in a search scope. !9627
  • The Quick Access window now automatically resizes based on the number of item results. #10292
  • 1Password in your browser can once again spawn 1Password for Linux when needed. !9613
1Password for Linux 8.4.0-19

Add some more joy to your day by personalizing your items with your own icons. Your custom icons will appear throughout the app, Quick Access, as well as within your browser.

Animated screenshot of a custom icon being added to a login

Quick Access has a new account menu so you can switch between accounts as well select from your custom vault collections.

Screenshot of Quick Access showing the new account menu for switching between accounts and collections

Freshly deleted items will appear in the Recently Deleted items list and can now be restored from the context menu.

Screenshot of a recently deleted item being restored from the context menu

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We’ve added support for custom icons when creating or editing items. !9513
  • We’ve added beautiful new icons for item categories. #10633
  • It’s now possible to switch between different accounts and collections when using Quick Access. #10645,#9392
  • We’ve added an option to Preferences that controls whether or not item detail windows always appear on top of other windows. !9695
  • The context menu for recently deleted items now includes the option to restore. #10647
  • The Category filter now shows hidden templates as Others. #6293
  • We’ve added support for multiple sizes of the colored icon for recently deleted items. #10140
  • Accounts are now sorted by the date they were added to the app in the Set Up Another Device, Create Vault, and Manage Accounts views. !9639
  • Search filters now work properly in all supported languages. #10712
  • We’ve added a hidden attribute to separators in the user menu to improve the experience when using a screen reader.
  • The Undo button is now hidden when an item is moved to a vault with limited permissions. #7127
  • The search indicator text is now properly truncated if the text is longer than the width of the search results column. #10713
  • We’ve removed an unnecessary scroll bar from the About 1Password window when it’s at full height. #8970
  • We’ve fixed a design issue where there wasn’t enough space between an account name and the lock icon. #9063
  • We’ve added more padding to the account selection menu button in the window to set up another device. #10532
  • We’ve added a vertical orientation to the window splitter. !9646
  • We’ve updated the style of the title bar and toolbar when the app inactive. #10808
1Password for Linux 8.4.0-40

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We have a beautiful new item catalog that you’ll see the next time you create a new item in 1Password. We’ve included a list of the most popular logins, so it’s even easier to save a new Login item in 1Password. #10877
  • We’ve added support for the latest version of Duo’s Universal Prompt. !9088
  • The password generator will now hide after generating a new password and security answers are no longer generated automatically when choosing a new question. #10627,10626
  • When you delete an item, 1Password now includes a message that you can view and restore it from Recently Deleted in the sidebar. #10630
  • After signing in to a 1Password account or choosing a different multi-factor authentication type, the input field on the two-factor authentication view will be focused. !9734
  • Quick Access now shows the Copy Username shortcut for Login items instead of Open Details. #10871
  • The Quick Access hint bar now correctly shows customized keyboard shortcuts. #10979
  • We’ve updated the list of the most popular websites that is shown when creating a new Login item. #10877
  • The options to reveal or conceal an account’s Secret Key and Password fields are now accessible to screen readers when signing in to a 1Password account. !9674
  • Item usage is now recorded when downloading a Document item that has been downloaded before. #6319
  • When sharing an item, a message now shows if the item has any file attachments or linked items that won’t be shared. 10658
  • The sign-in screen has been redesigned for signing in to a single account. #10377
  • After upgrading to 1Password 8, any 1Password accounts detected from previous 1Password installations will be displayed so you can quickly sign in to your accounts. #10984
  • Accessibility improvements have been made to our address and tag fields in the item details editor view. #10767
  • When selecting a vault to move an item to, the space bar or Return key can be used to perform the move. #10701
  • We’ve updated the localizations for all supported languages. #10491,#10568
  • The spacing and shape of buttons has been updated to match design specifications. !9676
  • The capitalization style and punctuation is now consistent in Settings. #10303
  • The Watchtower button font has been fixed to match design specifications. #10187
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Weak Passwords list in Watchtower where a different password strength calculation was used from the one used in the item details. If you’ve been keeping track of your scores in your Watchtower report, this change may significantly alter those scores, but they’ll now be more consistent with your item details. #8784
  • Multiple custom templates with same name will no longer show account names if only one is visible due to others being marked as hidden. #5215
  • We’ve fixed an issue where a selected item wouldn’t be removed from view when changing the category. #10875,#10485
  • We fixed an error where all items would show the same modified time as the first item you view. #11015
  • We fixed an issue where the sign in view could be displayed a second time after a successful sign in. #11016
  • We fixed an error where your Secret Key would be missing from a reauthorization prompt, such as after you’ve changed your account password. #11008
  • The option to restore a deleted item isn’t shown in the context menu for that item if the user doesn’t have permission. !9805
  • If you click “Don’t see your account” on the account sign in screen, the window now automatically scrolls to reveal the options. #10864
  • The Recently Deleted item list no longer reloads when a deleted item is restored. #10817
  • We’ve fixed an error that would occur when double clicking a recently deleted item. #10594
  • Keyboard scrolling is now supported for item details in secondary windows. #9556
  • We’ve fixed a display issue that would occur when searching for an item in Quick Access then selecting the More Actions menu. #10976
  • The scroll bar in the Vault Collections window no longer covers up content. #10957
  • The width of the Overall Password Strength box has been adjusted so it’s always at the top of the Watchtower report. #7442
  • We’ve fixed a window height issue that caused the password generator to be partially concealed when editing an item. #10863
  • We’ve adjusted the width of address fields so text won’t be cut off. #10828,#10861
  • We’ve adjusted the wording around who has access to an item, so it’s consistent across the app. #10843
  • The appearance of the shortcut keys have been fixed to match design specifications. #10781
  • We now save the most recently selected item or category, and restore that view when 1Password is restarted. #11029,#10923,#4650
  • We disabled spellcheck in Quick Access. !9850
1Password for Linux 8.4.0-53
  • 1Password can now prompt for biometric unlock in more conditions such as restoring from a minimized state. !9938
  • Quick Access will now bring the main window to the forefront when using “Open in 1Password” !9870
  • We properly aligned the “Locked accounts” text in the create item view. !9852
  • The new item modal can once again be closed by pressing the Escape key. !9872
  • We fixed an issue causing some emojis to display incorrectly. #5077
1Password for Linux 8.5.0-17

You can now search for untagged items using =untagged to quickly find items you haven’t organized yet. This joins our =vault:$name, =tag:$name, =category:$name, and =favorite advanced search scope options.

Screenshot of the untagged advanced search scope in action

There’s a new Developers section under preferences. It’s a bit sparse at the moment 😂 and yes it is a little bit mean of me to tease you like this, but it’s something I’m incredibly excited about and couldn’t wait to share. Something cool is coming soon and I think you’re going to love it. 🤘

Screenshot of the new Developer section under Settings

Other notable callouts include some huge improvements to export (you can select a specific account and the export now includes all files) along with improvements to the biometric unlock experience when opening the app.

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • We’ve added an option to temporarily display hidden fields with a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt). !10077
  • We’ve added a new search scope (=untagged) to locate items without tags applied. #10134
  • We’ve added a Developers section to Preferences. !10016
  • Document items and attachments are now included when performing an export. #10956
  • Improved the reliability of the clipboard when using virtual machines. #10755
  • We now label keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl instead of Control in Quick Access and preferences. !9831
  • We’ve added the ability to choose a specific account when exporting. #11113
  • We’ve improved the biometric unlock experience when opening the app. !9977,!9880,!9991
  • Searching within a vault no longer displays the scope syntax outside the search bar. !9739
  • We’ve updated the alert dialog that’s shown when exporting to match our current design specifications. #11118
  • We’ve made improvements to how the item list renders when searching. !9957
  • We’ve improved localization for several of our supported languages. !10018
  • The Tab key can now be used to navigate through existing accounts when signing in. #10339
  • We’ve improved the experience when using a keyboard to navigate between articles in the item catalog. #10942
  • We’ve fixed an issue where Quick Access could appear behind the active window. #11380
  • Search results are now scoped to the selected account and collection !9961
  • When using search, entering a scope without a query won’t display suggestions. #11035
  • We’ve resolved an issue where locking the app could result in lost changes when editing an item. #10876,#7918
  • We’ve fixed an issue where choosing a field suggestion when creating a new item could close the modal. #11292
  • The hint bar in Quick Access no longer displays two options for “Copy Password” when viewing a Password item. !9895,#10983
  • Tags are now shown when viewing recently deleted items. #11326
  • We’ve fixed an issue where using the Return or Enter key when adding a tag wouldn’t apply it to the item. #11331
  • We’ve fixed an issue where scrolling wasn’t possible when creating a new item. !10001
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Save button could become hidden when creating an item. !10032
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Save button was incorrectly enabled for Document Items that didn’t yet have a file. #11027
  • We’ve fixed a visual issue related to creating a new item from the item catalog. #11415
  • It’s now possible to scroll in alert dialogs if they exceed the height of the app window. #4608
  • Icons in the sidebar have been properly aligned. #10959
  • We’ve fixed the width of dropdown menus throughout the app. #11300
  • We’ve fixed an issue where viewing an item field in Large Type could result in overlapping characters. !9869
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the left arrow button didn’t work properly when using the item catalog. #11147