1Password for Linux

by Dave
Updated to 8.9.4 on
1Password 8.2.0, in dark mode, open on Fedora Core 34
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What's new

1Password for Linux 8.9.4
  • You can now use the 1Password SSH agent to automatically configure Git commit signing for your SSH keys. #17039
  • You can now rename tags by right-clicking them in the sidebar. #9335
  • You can now copy the sharing link for an item when viewing the sharing history. #13199,#13198
  • You can now turn off two-factor authentication for your 1Password account from the 1Password app. #7403,#16888
  • Partial (substring) matches will now show up in search results. #9056,#14001
  • The 1Password SSH agent now supports SHA1 signatures. #12998
  • The agent.sock file is now deleted when you turn off the SSH agent. #15303
  • The “close window” keyboard shortcut now only closes a window instead of a modal. !13752
  • You can now import SSH keys from older 1Password export files that don’t include the key metadata. #16477
  • We’ve updated the button after creating a Document item to say “Add File” instead of “Add Document”. !13653
  • We’ve updated the way we refer to “Wireless Router” items in a few places throughout the app, like in the sidebar. #16258
  • We’ve lightly updated the appearance of the checkmark icon used when signing into a previously used 1Password account. #14338
  • We’ve added a + icon before the Add File button when creating a new Document item. !13813
  • We’ve improved proxy detection support and now verify IP addresses instead of DNS hostnames only. #15726
  • Importing an item that has a missing file attachment now adds a notice to the item’s details view that the file is missing. #16260
  • We’ve updated Dutch, German, and several other translations and localized some buttons. !14124,!13604,!13992,!13990,#16590,#16434,!13816
  • We’ve made some general performance improvements. !14049,#15283
  • We’ve increased the file upload timeout so you can upload larger files. #17045
  • We’ve made some improvements to vulnerable password checks in Watchtower. #17017
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented us from publishing Flatpak releases on Linux. #14579
  • We’ve fixed an issue where holding down the up or down arrow key wouldn’t scroll an item list. #16267
  • We’ve fixed an issue where dragging an item wouldn’t be properly offset from your cursor. #16246
  • We’ve fixed a visual issue that with highlighted tabs when the app window was narrow and at the max zoom level. #15792
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused escape characters () to appear on either side of certain words in non-English translations. #16270
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the scroll position wouldn’t reset when switching between item lists. #6852
  • We’ve fixed some crashes. #15812,#15024
  • We’ve fixed an issue where editing an item with a long text field could show a light-colored scroll bar next to the field when Dark Mode was turned on. #16766
  • We’ve fixed a sticky checkmark on the sign in popup. #16552
  • We’ve fixed an issue in the Import modal where if you added an export file but decided to replace it with another one, cancelling that action would remove the previously chosen file in the modal. #16002
  • We’ve fixed an issue where clearing a month/year date field would show “NaN”. #16389
  • We’ve fixed an issue where a field in an item with two matching section identifiers could not be deleted. !12449
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the scroll position was reset when deleting or deselecting items. #16756