1Password for Linux, 8.3

by Dave
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1Password 8.3 in light mode, open on Ubuntu
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1Password for Linux 8.3 is now available. ๐ŸŽ‰ Let’s take a look at all the awesome packed into this release.

You can now securely share items with people outside of your family or company accounts. ๐ŸŽ‰ In fact, you can securely share your items with anyone, even those who aren’t using 1Password yet. ๐Ÿ”

It’s as easy as copy-and-paste but way more secure than placing private information in chats or email. Just select Share… from the item details overflow menu.

Animated screenshot of creating a share link for a secure note

You can choose when the link will expire and have the option to limit the share to specific email addresses. Once created you can share the link using Signal, iMessage, SMS, Slack, or otherwise.

Once your friend, colleague, or family member opens the link they can view the item directly in their browser. ๐Ÿ˜

The really cool part of this is the link itself contains the share secret so only you and those you share the link with will be able to view the item.

A ton of improvements to Quick Access made their way into this update, ranging from design improvements to better performance to new features.

Quick Access immediately after opening with no items selected

Quick Access is now context aware and will automatically highlight items that match any apps you have open when launched.

Launching Quick Access while Slack is open now showing matches logins for all open apps

You can also use advanced search filters to zero in on exactly what you’re looking for.

Quick Access with advanced search filters in action

The =vault:$name and =tag:$name are likely to be the most popular but you can also use =category:$name to filter by category and =favorite to only include items that are marked as a favourite.

All names are case sensitive and we do our best to support spaces and other special characters within names. In a future update weโ€™ll add support in the UI itself for constructing the advanced search.

Once you find the item you’re looking for, select it to reveal several quick actions.

Quick Access actions for a particular item, along with a new hint bar showing the account and vault information as well as a custom icon.

Those of you with sharp eyes will have already spotted something wonderful in the above screenshot. That’s right, custom icons! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Items with customized icons can now be seen throughout the app, from item details to item lists, Quick Find, and search results. ๐Ÿ˜

1Password app showing custom icons on items

The Back and Forward navigation buttons have also retured! ๐Ÿ˜

1Password app has back and forward

I say “returned” as we had these buttons early in development process and needed to remove them temporarily while we sorted a few things out. Iโ€™m super excited theyโ€™re back as they make navigating around 1Password so much nicer.

I find the back button especially lovely when Iโ€™m editing an item and need to copy something from another item. Now I can go find the second item, open it in a new window, and then press the back button to return to where I was. โšก๏ธ

Watchtower Dashboard also got redesigned with new fonts, layout tweaks, and button styles. ๐Ÿ˜

Watchtower Dashboard sporting its new design

And Watchtower now shows Unsecured Website alerts only on sites that have a secure option available.

Watchtower alert on a login recommending to update the URL to use HTTPS

Nestled right beside Archive youโ€™ll now find Recently Deleted items. This enables you to quickly view items you previously removed without needing to leave the app. ๐Ÿฅฐ

Viewing Recently Deleted items in the main 1Password app

When creating new vaults you can now choose which account it should be created in. ๐Ÿ’™

Creating a new vault directly from within 1Password

Last but not certainly not least, you can now use security keys (like YubiKey or Titan) as your second factor when adding new accounts or reauthorizing devices. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

1Password prompting for a security key when reathorizing a device

If you havenโ€™t enabled your security key on your 1Password account yet, hereโ€™s how:

Learn how to set up a security key, like YubiKey or Titan, so you can use it for two-factor authentication in 1Password.

Note that you can still use standard one-time passwords when needed, such as on devices that do not support security keys, or incase you lose your dongle.

Other notable changes include:

  • Lots of keyboard improvements, including customization
  • A ton of improvements for screen readers
  • Using LZO compression to improve the startup times for Snapcraft

Read on to see the full list of what’s new. โœจ

1Password for Linux 8.3.0
  • You can now securely share items with people outside of your family or company accounts. ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Added support for viewing custom icons on your items. #1301
  • Added the ability to view your recently deleted items from the sidebar. #7851
  • Security keys can be used as a second factor when adding or reauthorizing accounts, including when installed from the Snap Store. #2263
  • We’ve used LZO compression to improve the startup times for Snapcraft. Thanks so much to Igor Ljubunic, jnsgruk, and om26er for their help with this one. ๐Ÿ’™
  • File permissions were reduced on files inside the Linux tar.gz release. #10043
  • Quick Access gets you where you’re going even sooner with faster load times, scrollable results, and smart actions that let you open and fill items, view details, and more. #9523,#9805,#9914,#9394,#9625,#9769,#9130
  • Quick Access is now smarter and more helpful by prioritizing items based on your previous searches. Results will improve over time, including across app restarts. #8819/#10208
  • Quick Access will automatically show suggestions related to open applications when opened. !9390
  • Quick Access now supports Search filters. =vault:$name and =tag:$name are likely to be the most popular but you can also use =category:$name to filter by category and =favorite.
  • Quick Access can be launched from the system tray. !8670
  • Quick Access hint bar now fits in one line and shows the correct shortcuts. !8652,!9436
  • Quick Access now launches on the same monitor or virtual desktop as your cursor. !8834
  • Quick Access now hides when the user selects an action. !8664
  • The More Actions menu in Quick Access now resets after the 30 second timeout period. !9382
  • Added an animation in Quick Access for smart & open actions (Enter, Open, Open in 1Password, and Open & Fill). #10153
  • A slew of style and design adjustments to the Quick Access menu fixes the title color of the item row, the color of the search icon, and the style, window width, padding, and margins of the hint bar. !9174,!9072,!9122,!9130,#9650
  • Fixed a rare timeout handle leak in Quick Access that could sometimes result in an error message.
  • The Quick Access view reopens to its previous location after the app locks or restarts. #9875,#9573
  • Copy actions are now shown first in Quick Access Menu !9048
  • Actions in Quick Access now display shortcuts that are more relevant to the specific fields. #9421
  • The More Actions menu in Quick Access has been improved to focus on the first action when opened and to show actions actions related to selected items. #10220,#9393,!8696
  • Item location information has been added to the More Actions menu in Quick Access. #9249
  • Automatically prompt for unlock if the user tries to open Quick Access while 1Password is locked. !8658
  • The Settings window is now always in the foreground when opened from Quick Access. #9479
  • Quick Access is now fully accessible to screen readers. !8962
  • Improved the screen reader text for the Account Management sign out button. !8717
  • The Settings close button now has a label for screen readers. !8773
  • Added a title for screen readers to alert dialogs. !8638
  • Screen readers will now read most elements of the Settings page. !8571
  • Screen readers can now read out the selected option in the dropdown menus in Settings, item overflow, field actions, and the user menu. #9616
  • Screen readers now announce the “next” button changes in our setup tour. !8915
  • When creating a new item, screen readers will now include information about which account and vault the new item will go to. #9592
  • The feedback icon on the app toolbar is now accessible to screen readers. #9225
  • Screen readers will now indicate more options are available for password and security question fields. #9993
  • The item location bar is now more accessible when using a screen reader. #9990
  • Fixed incorrect voice over text on the lock screen button. !8650
  • Locale setting in Advanced settings view now show the full language names instead of language codes. #9218
  • Automatically turn any Password item into a Login item by adding a username. #3906
  • You can now switch accounts when creating a new vault. #8848
  • Removed inappropriate words from the secure password generator word list but we won’t tell you which ones ๐Ÿ˜‚ #9582,#9965,#9964
  • Added a right-click menu to Item View fields. !8617
  • Moved “Edit” to before “Open in New Window” in an item’s context menu. !8585
  • Watchtower Dashboard design enhancements with updates to the the layout, card fonts, and “Show items” button. #9518
  • Updated the Watchtower banners to our latest design. !8682
  • Watchtower shows Unsecured Website alerts only on sites that have a secure HTTPS option available. #7028,#7010
  • Updating an item from Watchtower or from Search results no longer resets you back to the All Items list. #10337,#6872
  • Cleaned up the borders in the Edit Item header. !8764
  • Added Quick Access shortcuts: Ctrl+O to open an item in a new window, and Ctrl+Shift+O to open the item in the main 1Password window. Ctrl+. will close Quick Access. !8750,!8771
  • Added the ability to change and clear keyboard shortcuts in the Settings dialog. !8729,#9706
  • Improved the keyboard navigation for Quick Access. !8660
  • Added keyboard shortcuts and menu actions for Archive and Delete. !8527
  • The forward and back keyboard shortcuts now match those of the operating system. #10065
  • Added a new keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R to reveal or conceal secure fields in item details. #7709
  • It’s now possible to use the keyboard to select a vault in the Move or Copy Items views. #8987
  • Added visual cues and messages to provide more helpful feedback when using Quick Access keyboard shortcuts. #9461,#9288
  • The New Item shortcut is now disabled when a modal is open. #9200
  • Pressing the escape key now closes the password history modal. #9900
  • Scrolling up and down the item list is now more responsive when holding down the arrow keys. #8653
  • Pressing Ctrl + F will now include search filters to help narrow your search within the current item list. #9576,#9578
  • Recently deleted items now show up correctly even if the item has an invalid date format. #10122
  • The list of recently deleted items now only shows results from the past 30 days in the app, and those items no longer show field actions. #10188,#10245
  • Search results no longer include recently deleted items. #10055
  • The search filter now uses custom template names instead of UUIDs when pressing Ctrl + F to auto-populate scope fields. #9791
  • In the list of search results, the X button now shows the “Cancel search” label when focused. #10199
  • Fixed a problem in which two words beginning with the same characters in an item would not appear in search results when they should. !8742
  • Quick Access will no longer show results when the search field is empty. !8781
  • Arrow keys and navigation modifiers now work in the Quick Access search field. !8781
  • Quick Access no longer reopens to the search results if the user was on More Actions. 9365
  • Quick Find search results are now cleared after a result is selected. #10287
  • Avoid showing dupicate categories within Quick Find results #9857
  • Clarified the text of dialogs that involve discarding changes. !8619
  • The system’s processor type will now be included in the Diagnostics Report. #9614
  • Now hiding the main window after unlocking if unlock was started via Quick Access #9444
  • The background color for the item count is now a more readable shade of red when dragging items. #9412
  • Vault collection icons that include multiple account avatars now align nicely to the left in the menu. !9104 โ€‹- The Native Messaging Host manifest installation error has been softened to a gentle warning. #9903
  • The Software License item now has a multi-line text field. #8401
  • Permissions are now checked before the delete or archive action is performed. #9607
  • Improved error logging when the shared lock state browser integration checks fail. !9397,!9405
  • Added more drag-and-drop support when importing the Emergency Kit. #10167
  • When signing up for a new account you’re automatically redirected back to the app after the sign up is complete. #10212
  • The height of section titles has been increased in the item detail view. #9217
  • The style of the sign-in screen has been improved. !9330
  • We’ve added new checks to increase shared lock state compatibility for browsers. #10179
  • Zeroes are now displayed consistently across fields in item details and editing. #9790
  • If no account name is available when signing in to an account, we now use the host name for the sign-in URL instead of the email address. #10195
  • Localization has been improved using new translations from Crowdin. !9253
  • A default sign-in address is now provided when adding an account. #9076
  • Several design improvements to the lock screen, note fields, and other areas. #10274,#10412,!9294
  • When signing in to an account, you can now click anywhere on a found account row to reveal the password field. #9673
  • Fixed a problem that caused Large Type window to bounce around. !8628
  • Fixed the text wrapping for note fields. !9311
  • The padding on the Close button in the Action Menu has been fixed. !9354
  • Fixed an issue that caused the number font to be used globally. !9398
  • Button icons on the set up screens are now properly aligned. #9351
  • Fixed edge case where the keyring helper would write logs to the home folder. !9467
  • Fixed a problem with Duo multi-factor authentication that could cause it to fail during pre-authentication. !9493
  • Fixed an issue with fields not being properly focused in several views. #10278,#10326,#10323
  • Sign-in requests are now cancelled if the window is closed without clicking the Sign In button. 10411