1Password for Linux, 8.1 Beta

by Savanni
Updated to 8.1.0-45 on
1Password 8.0.34, the item list view, open on Fedora Core 33.
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We have started on 1Password for Linux, version 8.1. Here you can track all of the awesome new features that we’re releasing in our betas, leading up to the next stable release.

apt-get install 1password

See Get to know 1Password for Linux for installation and troubleshooting instructions for the stable version of 1Password, and 1Password Beta for the beta channel.

We maintain signed apt and rpm package repositories for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well the Snap store. We also have a tar file for as-of-yet unsupported distributions. Let us know what distribution you use and how well 1Password works there.

We hope you are as excited about a 1Password Linux app as we are. To discuss this release, report issues, and talk with our development team, please join us in our Linux forum.

Installing 1Password on Ubuntu using sudo apt-get install 1password

What's new

1Password for Linux 8.1.0-6
  • We now support two-factor authentication with Duo!!! #2260
  • We added a simplified version of the password generator for Security Question fields. #3515, #7546
  • We present a list of common security questions to save a bit of time.
  • We now hide actions on the watchtower banner for an item when the user cannot edit the item. #7514
  • We fixed some confusing behavior with the “Undo” button after moving an item into or out of the archive. #7371
  • We improved the visual styling of the Search Box. !7196
  • Notifications now expand to fit longer messages. #4106
  • Improve some visual artifacts when resizing the main window. !7274
  • The selected watchtower category icon is now more visible in light mode. #6839
  • 1Password can now start even when there are no vaults to show. !7348
  • Visual and internal improvements !7362, #7288, 7263, #6998, #7096, #4552
  • Reduce the number of redacted messages in the logs. !6957
  • We start logging even earlier in the application startup process. !7297
  • The tar beta release channel now has a LATEST file which indicates the latest version of 1Password. !7268
1Password for Linux 8.1.0-21
  • Enter search quickly with just one key, /. !7422
  • Our feedback menu icon now indicates whether this is a stable build or a beta build. For beta, we will show our beta ladybug and for stable, it will show a question mark. #7539
  • Login items with no username saved will have its subtitle set to “–” more consistently in the item list. #7062
  • When moving or copying an item, its creation and modification timestamps will be preserved. #6441 , #7678
  • The security question placeholder now shows clearly that it is an editable placeholder. #7542
  • The transition between item view and edit mode is now smoother. !7507
  • The item detail view will reset to the top when switching between items or after creating a new item. #6022
  • Item list scroll position resets when changing vaults or changing the selected account. #6852
  • Menus no longer reset their scroll position unexpectedly. !7529
  • Fixed a place where unsaved item edits were not being restored. !7447
  • Moved the update password generator dialog, so that it doesn’t overlap with the password input field. #4067
  • Fixed a problem where certain non-ASCII characters in a password would cause 1Password to crash. #7730
  • Fixed an infinite loop in Watchtower when 1Password is disconnected from the internet. !7498
  • We will no longer try to create a document if the user drags a folder into 1Password. #7512
  • We are formatting the creation time consistently in item subtitles. #6526
1Password for Linux 8.1.0-28
  • There is now a setting that allows the user to make all passwords visible. #7548
  • Typing “Archive” into Quick Find will take the user to the Archive folder. #6894
  • Move Item dialogs and messages now reflect the correct number of items moved. #6943
  • We made some internal improvements that optimize our use of the protocol that communicates with the 1Password servers. !7616
  • We no longer require that our configuration file have the execute bit set. !7386
  • The Browser Integration setting will now warn users that the feature cannot work if it detects that it is running in a Snap sandbox. #7667
  • Fixed a bug where starting to search with CTRL-F would cause 1Password to enter a loop that constantly deletes the search text. #7811
  • Optimize the search speed on very large accounts. !7543
  • Updated the appearance of the field that indicates that a related item is missing. #6980
  • The desktop app will now properly handle editing an item from 1Password in the Browser. !7496
  • “Go and Fill” will record item usage #5016
  • Various internal fixes and optimizations !7481, #7870, !7550, !7588
  • REGRESSION: Item delete cannot currently be undone in 1Password for the desktop. If you delete an item by mistake, you will need to go to your account on the website to access the undo functions there.
1Password for Linux 8.1.0-45
  • Users can now create new vaults from within 1Password for Desktop! !7275
  • We now show a dialog at startup allowing users to send crash reports to us. !7678
  • The overflow menu now includes an option to open an item in a new window. !7647
  • We now use icons from the operating system for file attachments. !7649
  • Suggestions for filling out an item field are now more visible on small windows. !7683, #7900
  • We fixed the link regarding authenticated unlock in Settings -> Security. #7934
  • 1Password now has additional logging that can help us diagnose database problems. !7666
  • Notifications will no longer block the entire bottom of the screen #7683
  • The Undo button on the Delete Notification works correctly again. OPH is now able to undo item deletion from toast #7916
  • Empty URLs on an Item can now be edited and deleted. #7881
  • The item editing view will be closed if the user selects a different option on the sidebar. !7686
  • We fixed a problem which caused security question answer to change after being set. #8074
  • We fixed some cases where 1Password in the browser would open multiple 1Password desktop windows. #7901
  • SECURITY: Further restricted the list of CORS domains so that the frontend side of 1Password can no longer make any internet requests at all. !7657
  • Internal fixes and improvements. !7644,