1Password Linux

by Savanni
Updated to 8.0.34 on
1Password 8.0.34, the item list view, open on Fedora Core 33.
Download 1Password for Linux

1Password for Linux is now stable! Check out Dave’s announcement.

Going forward, we are going to maintain both regular beta release and regular stable releases.

apt-get install 1password

See Get to know 1Password for Linux for installation and troubleshooting instructions.

We maintain signed apt and rpm package repositories for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well the Snap store. We also have a tar file for as-of-yet unsupported distributions. Let us know what distribution you use and how well 1Password works there.

We hope you are as excited about a 1Password Linux app as we are. To discuss this release, report issues, and talk with our development team, please join us in our Linux forum.

Installing 1Password on Ubuntu using sudo apt-get install 1password


What's new

1Password for Linux 8.0.34
  • Our very first stable release! ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
  • We made an open source release of sys-locale, and starting downloading it from crates.io! !7200
  • We made an open source release of electron-hardener. !6852
  • The General panel in Settings now has an option to change the application theme. #6950
  • All Items, Favorites, and Watchtower are now show as emphasized text in Quick Find #7426
  • Disabled collection management for users who have never used the feature. Don’t worry, it will return for everyone after we have improved it. #7424
  • Adjust the layout, color, and background images of the first signin workflow. !7176, !7151
  • Update icons. !7174, !713
  • Improved styling. !7136
  • Rich Icons now work even when you are offline. !7095
  • In-progress item edits will be preserved across locking, shutdown, or even a crash of 1Password. !6850
  • Highlighted items now fit better together in the item list. #5791, #7230
  • Ctrl+U clears text and password fields on Linux #7414
  • “Create new item” menu option is now disabled while editing an item. !7166
  • Remove the header from the help menu and use a new help icon. !7286
  • Correctly show the sign in form when the user elects to add a new account, and the password form when the user elects to unlock an account. !7298
  • We now display an error message when the database is incompatible with the current version of 1Pasword. 6465
  • We now notify users of problems with the kernel or desktop keyrings. #6153
  • While installing using DNF, always use the system default for repo_gpgcheck. This means that when changing between the stable and release channels, DNF will always attempt to reuse previously downloaded keys. !7320
  • Fix log and settings folder/file permissions !7252
  • Explicitly check key and group keyring permissions before using them. !7304
  • SECURITY: Restrict control over logging levels in release builds #1860