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by Dave
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Main 1Password window, unlocked running on Ubuntu
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I’m super excited to announce our first beta release of 1Password for Linux. That’s right – we now have a full-featured desktop app for Linux which you can use to quickly find, edit, and organize your items! And it looks gorgeous, too! 😍

Planned for official release early next year, we couldn’t wait to share the news with you so today we’re unveiling a beta so you can join in on the fun.

A true Linux app

Our new app is built to meet the security and performance expectations of Linux users. Its backend is written completely in Rust, a secure systems programming language that has made a lot of waves in the Linux community. We’re especially proud to be using the incredible ring crypto library to power the end-to-end encryption that keeps your data safe.

We used this new foundation to bring you the 1Password experience you know and love to Linux and extended it further with:

  • Quick Find and intelligent search suggestions 🔎
  • Beautiful new look and feel based on our new design language 😍
  • Move item dialog allows you to easily share items and see who they are shared with 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
  • Data export ✈️
  • Unlock screen shows all your accounts and supports using different passwords 🔐
  • Watchtower Dashboard suggests how to improve your Security Score 🎯

In addition to these great improvements we’ve tailored the app to integrate with Desktop Linux:

  • Simple and secure installs using apt and dnf package managers 📦
  • Automatic Dark Mode selection based on your GTK theme 🌓
  • Open network locations (FTP, SSH, SMB) 🌍
  • Tiling window manager support and descriptive window titles 🏠
  • Unlock with your Linux user account, including biometrics ☝️
  • System tray icon for staying unlocked while closed 📌
  • X11 clipboard integration and clearing ✂️
  • Keyboard shortcuts ⌨️

And this is just what’s available in the first beta. We have many more great things planned to make 1Password for Linux even greater. 😎

Beta users welcome!

We’re really excited about what’s now possible with 1Password on Linux and all the incredible things we have planned.

As thrilled as we are it’s important to remember 1Password for Linux is still in beta. Expect some sharp turns and sudden drops so please keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times.

As such this initial release should be used for testing and validation purposes only and is not suitable for business critical environments. For a stable experience on Linux you’ll want to use 1Password X in your browser.

Free accounts for open source teams

Our new app is built on great open source projects like the Rust programming language for the underlying logic, and React for a responsive component-based UI.

Building an app for Linux wouldn’t have been possible without these giant shoulders to stand upon so we want to give back to the free software community. If you work on an open source team that needs a password manager, open a pull request in our 1Password for Open Source Projects repo and we’ll give you and everybody on your team a free account.

Thank you so much for your contributions and making the world a better place. 🤗❤️

apt-get install 1password

If you’re excited to report issues, work with us to resolve them, and update to verify fixes, then you’re welcome to get onboard. See Get to know 1Password for Linux for installation and troubleshooting instructions.

We maintain signed apt and rpm package repositories for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well the Snap store. We also have an AppImage for as-of-yet unsupported distributions. Let us know what distribution you use and how well 1Password works there.

We hope you are as excited about a 1Password Linux app as we are. To discuss this release, report issues, and talk with our development team, please join us in our Linux forum.

If you feel like you’ve won a big teddy bear when the ride’s over, consider spreading the love to our friends at the Linux Foundation.

Installing 1Password on Ubuntu using sudo apt-get install 1password

What's new

1Password for Linux 0.9.1
  • New design to better indicate when an item is in edit mode. !3617
  • Section headers in items are now visible and can be edited. !3645
  • The Add more button in Edit mode now appends new fields to its own section. #3285
  • The Move Item dialog now warns the user if permissions will prevent the ability to undo the move. #2431
  • The Move button is now disabled when the user does not have permission to move an item. #2927
  • The Move button is now disabled Documents and any items with custom icons. #3660
  • Two-factor authentication banners now show up on the correct logins. #3215
  • Removed the sign-in address from the two-factor authentication error dialog when a user signs in for the first time. #3301
  • Fixed the delay when opening 1Password from the system tray while locked. #2968
  • For the open beta, all 1Password customers including frozen accounts can use 1Password for Linux with no trial restrictions. #3206
1Password for Linux 0.9.2
  • Add Website will appear only for Login and Password items. #3309
  • Favouriting an item is now more responsive.
  • The Move Item notification will only show the Undo button if the move can be undone.
  • Modal action buttons have been reordered to better match common Linux UIs.
  • Tags now nest correctly in the sidebar. #2983
  • Watchtower banners will only show up on relevant items.
  • Links in note fields can now be highlighted. #3332
  • 1Password now intelligently skips updating items if no changes were detected after hitting the save button. #3293
  • File size information, item labels, and the password strength label are now ready for localization.
  • After moving an item, the View button will automatically select the best sidebar entry depending on where the item was moved to.
  • Restrict TOTP to a maximum of 8 digits. #3362
  • Item details with related items load faster.
  • Design improvements toward the add more button in the item editor. !3694
1Password for Linux 0.9.3
  • A newly created website field will not be saved if it is left empty. #3392
  • The Add more option in the item editor no longer sticks to the last section. !3815
  • [SECURITY] 1Password now validates the two factor authentication digits for your 1Password account before sending it through. #3434
  • 1Password now installs cleanly on OpenSUSE. Thank you to @tdegroot96! #3278
1Password for Linux 0.9.4

1Password for Linux is powered by the Rust programming language, and today we’re thrilled to announce our first open source Rust crate: password-rules-parser.

  • An AUR package is now available for Arch Linux.
  • Easily add security questions to your logins! Click Add More > Security Questions when editing to insert a ready-to-fill template. !3798
  • 1Password informs you when you’re attempting to sign in to a deleted account or if your account has been deleted. #2318
  • Fixed crashes related to turning off two-factor authentication and changing the sign-in address for your 1Password account. #3539, #3569
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for editing and saving items. We’ve also changed the shortcut for Show Keyboard Shortcuts to Control + K. #2881
  • The list of templates is now sorted alphabetically. #3294
  • Fixed an issue where templates appeared in the list if they only contained trashed items. #2229
  • Fixed performance and reliability on IPv6 networks. !3800
  • Fixed an issue where some fields were duplicated in password history. #3486
  • 1Password no longer shows the system unlock button on fresh starts or after the authenticated unlock setting is disabled. #3174, #3523
1Password for Linux 0.9.5
  • Add fields to the Template and Custom sections by clicking the “Add another field” button !3861
  • Settings changes automatically take effect on the lock screen !3915
  • The system-based unlock button will not appear until a system-based unlock is possible !3876
  • Users will now be notified if their account is suspend while the application is unlocked !3950
  • 1Password will now prompt the user to log in when the user changes their secret key !3920, #2314, #2295, #3629
  • When unlocking an account, 1Password will sync only that account instead of all unlocked accounts !3938, #3627
1Password for Linux 0.9.6
  • The Location bar is now visible on the item editing view. !3908
  • Added country format for Saint Pierre and Miquelon. !4015
  • Visual improvements to the Add More elements. !3913
  • Removed the back and forward buttons. !3957
  • Restored the vault collections feature. At the moment, it is not possible to save the collection but it is coming soon. !4031
  • Changing your 1Password’s account email address will prompt the application to ask you to sign in again with your updated email address. !3966, #2924, #2309
1Password for Linux 0.9.7
  • Our password generator is now available for you to use! Find it by clicking on a password field in the item editor. !3492
  • The TOTP field now appears next to username and password fields. #3620
  • Password strength will only appear for password fields. !4075
  • Team and Family account members will now be informed if their administrator needs to finish recovering their account. #2293
  • Related items are now sorted alphabetically. !4140
  • 1Password will now render an existing item correctly when its associated template no longer exists in the account. #3622, !4155
  • Improved the security of the System Unlock feature. #1545, #1689, #3479, #2798
  • Item Edit button now appears inline with the item location bar and the overflow menu. !4078
  • Updated the Add Tag icon. !4047
  • 1Password will now save and push your local changes to the item history if there were remote changes made after your change. !3729
1Password for Linux 0.9.8
  • Date fields are now available to add and edit in the item editor. !4201
  • Adding a new field now selects and focuses it. !4063
  • See all of your vaults grouped by account in the sidebar. !4219
  • Credit card numbers are concealed by default in the item details view. #1214
  • Sorting by “date created” or “date modified” now defaults to newest first. #3830
  • Made vault sorting more international-friendly. !4233
  • Related Items sorting is now back to its original sorting order. !4208
  • Added Save Collection button to the Manage Collections view. !4132
  • 1Password is more responsive when performing long searches and other tasks at the same time. #3199, !4425
  • Search can now be canceled. #3199, !4425
  • Search results no longer include trashed items. #3375, #3851
  • The sidebar no longer shows empty tags. #3375, #3851
  • Fixed an internal crash when attempting to sign in again after finishing an account recovery. #3646
  • Moving an item now preserves the modification time. #3336
  • “/” is no longer automatically added to the end of URLs when rendering Markdown links in a Secure Note or Note field. 3381, #2251
  • Password Generator now uses consistent terminology for numbers in its settings. #3966
  • [Security] Added extra checks to our memory enclave implementation guard against storage overflow. #4115, #4402, 1PW-08-009
1Password for Linux 0.9.9
  • Vault Collections are now stored in your 1Password account. !4215, !4584
  • The icons for a Vault Collection now reflect only the vaults included in the collection. !4598
  • Improve the cancel and delete buttons in the Vault Collection editing page. !4338
  • Improve the text in the delete warning for Vault Collections. !4542
  • Clicking anywhere on a row in the Vault Collections editing panel will toggle that row. !4670
  • For a new Vault Collection, the cancel button will clear the name of the collection. !4720
  • Fix vault sorting in the Vault Collections editor. !2638
  • Fix typo in the Watchtower authentication banner. !4587
  • Fix issues with the borders in the Password History view. !4581
  • Dragging from any menu fields now drops the displayed name as is. !4538
  • Remove section headers and reorder elements of the user menu. !4620
  • Changed our internal database library which speeds up our database operations and also addressed the high idle CPU usage on certain Linux distributions. #1364, !2718.
  • Fixed a rare condition where if multiple local changes to the same item was saved before 1Password finishes updating the account, the first change was chosen instead of the latest change. !3990
  • [Security] Update Smallvec to address RUSTSEC advisory. !4605
1Password for Linux 0.9.10
  • The user menu is no longer scrolled with the rest of the sidebar content. !4750
  • Sidebar sections are now collapsible. !4750
  • The sidebar can be navigated with a keyboard. This includes tab, up/down arrow keys, home, end, and type-ahead support. !4750
  • Improved visual feedback with hover, active, and focus styles on the sidebar. !4750
  • Updated the checkmark and dashes style for our checkboxes. 2522
  • Simplified our Unlock 1Password view. !4862
  • Added Call and Email action for phone and email fields. 3905
  • Clearing the content of the website field now removes the field automatically upon saving. 3188
  • Improved the reliability of updating and removing Vault Collections. !4776, 4198
  • 1Password didn’t show all website fields in non-Login items. 3395
  • Improved 1Password’s resiliency against invalid data values, will render them as Invalid Date instead of not showing the item entirely. 4508
  • Fixed a condition where if the save button or shortcut was used to save a change, it would result in it being called twice due to the auto-save function being invoked as well. 3598
  • Improved how we report the operating system names to the 1Password service. !4617
  • 1Password will now show remote changes faster after unlocking. 3105
  • Improved the reliability of shutting down our connections when it is no longer needed. 3449
  • 1Password can now work with KWallet for storing the two-factor authentication tokens on KDE-based environments. 4388
  • Two-factor authentication tokens are now automatically removed when 1Password account has been removed. 4385
  • Removed unneeded window handling methods in the two-factor authentication window that resulted in log warnings. 4386
  • Reduced the amount of UI refreshes needed to modify and update the Vault Collections. 4197
  • Fixed a few regressions with device deauthorization and account state changes. !4698, 4248, 4206
  • Included a few files in our package to help AppImage and/or tarball users to enable the system authenticated unlock feature. More information to come soon. 3171
  • Bumped our internal build number to start with 80000000. Do not read too much into this. 😄 4509
  • Removed the sidebar collapse button from the toolbar. #4497
1Password for Linux 0.9.11
  • A brand new design and experience for creating items and yes, you can now create items! 🎉 #3283, #4083, !4650
  • Creating a new item now starts you off with a unified list of categories from all of your 1Password accounts and then you can pick a vault to save it to. This means you no longer need to manually switch anything in 1Password to be in the right place, you’re always in the right place to start. !4650
  • Add Related Items to your items. #3908
  • The sidebar now includes shared icon with a tooltip to show you who it is being shared with. #4320, !4735
  • Updated our hover/disabled styling for checkboxes, switches, radio buttons and sliders. #3955
  • Section titles are now styled correctly while in the edit mode. 4431
  • Category sorting is now alphabetically sorted throughout the app including the item list and of course, our new New item list. 😄 3623
  • Switched our alphabetic sorting to be alphanumeric based instead. 4281
  • Updated the design of the Vault Collections view; improved the sidebar design, added a new default placeholder for the name field, and added an introduction note in the Vault Collections view. 4349, 4404
  • Add More menu will now always have the option to add another security question instead of limiting that option to the Security Question section only. !4884
  • Fixed a bug where we didn’t factor in groups correctly for indicating if the vault is private or shared. 4554
  • After changing the 1Password account password remotely, the app now asks to enter the new password. 4210
  • 1Password no longer constantly update the account vaults if there is no update needed. 4581
  • Do not change the device ID each time the app fails to authenticate the account. 4281
  • Fixed a problem that prevents installation if /usr and /opt are separate filesystems. !4945
1Password for Linux 0.9.12
  • See our awesome Rich Icons come alive as you change the website in Logins or the title for Software License items. 4573
  • Creating a new Login item will now have the website field available by default. #4585, !4871
  • Creating a blank item is now possible if you want ¯\(ツ)/¯. 4622, !4871
  • After creating a new item, 1Password will inform you of which vault it was saved to and if you’d like to be taken there if it is not in the current view. !4871
  • 1Password will now ask you to confirm dismissing a new item or to keep editing it. !4871
  • The vault selector in the new item creator has been improved to show all vaults including ones that are disabled for saving with a reason given such as locked accounts or lack of write permissions. 4586
  • All accounts and their vaults are now consistently sorted by the alphabetical order throughout the app. #4664
  • Refreshed our favorite icon, which is now shown in both the item viewer and editor. !5015
  • Categories will be up to date each time the New Item is used. !4852
  • Improved the experience of creating a new Vault Collection; it is now selected on the sidebar and the buttons are set correctly. !4941
  • Vault Collections can be created and used by all 1Password accounts including Guests. 4639
  • Updated the placeholder for our date fields. 4542
  • Added a focus ring and shadow to our slider design. !5071
  • Updated our database library to optimize its size, which is now smaller by a few factors for some users and it will now support database migrations to allow for smoother database upgrades. !4772
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to fully sign back in again after the device was de-authorized. 4721
  • Fixed an issue where a suspended 1Password account may show some leftover items in the item list. 4708
  • 1Password now saves the updated sign-in address when it has changed remotely. 4222
  • 1Password no longer focuses the item location view when navigating between items after using the Esc key to cancel the item location view in the previous item. 2656
  • Removed the Related Item option from the new item creator view as it is not available during this state, only while editing an existing item. 4723
  • Restored the missing link/alias for 1password in the /usr/bin path. 4733
  • Fixed the permission issue for 1password on Debian 10. 4787
1Password for Linux 0.9.13
  • Redesigned our tooltips with a fresh modern look. 3945
  • Adding new tags no longer requires hitting the enter key to save it. 3065
  • While editing an existing item, the New Item button will now switch to a neutral color to allow only the Save button to be blue. 4617
  • 1Password now offers you a chance to save your changes to a Vault Collection when you move to another Vault Collection. 3508
  • Added accessibility support on our Vault Collections view. 2217, 4484, 4485, 4486
  • 1Password now includes keyboard shortcut settings for opening 1Password (keybinds.open) and for locking 1Password (keybinds.lock). !5180
  • Fixed UI glitches when using the keyboard shortcut to edit an item. 3593, 4463
  • When copying a field, the field name is now mentioned in the in-app toast to confirm it has been copied. 3744
  • Correctly set the initial focus in the Vault Collections view. 4400
  • Added an option to sign in using your 1Password Emergency Kit on the manual Sign in to your 1Password account view. 4678
  • The keyboard shortcut, Control + O, has been updated to open your file explorer to help you select the 1Password Emergency Kit and sign in with it. 4678
  • Updated our What's new link to take you directly to the changelog section for our new update. !5173
1Password for Linux 0.9.14
  • Check out our brand new lock view! 😍 4369
  • Implemented the first UI draft of our Settings view. 🎨 !5269
  • Updated our menu designs. !5265
  • Favorite badges are now on the Quick Find results within the search fields. !5314
  • Favorited items bubbles up to the top of the search results in the Quick Find list. 5303
  • Updated the toolbar and item list background to match the rest of the interface’s background colors. !5321
  • After unlocking, the search field is now focused automatically for you to start finding your items. !5315
  • After selecting an item from the search field results, the item is then focused in the item list to let you navigate the item list or to switch to the item details. 4926
  • Improved the keyboard navigation between the item list and details view; use left and right arrow keys to switch. 4926
  • 1Password now generates and saves subtitles for all categories when editing or creating new items. 4575
  • To differentiate between custom templates that are named exactly the same, account names will be shown next to them in the category selector. 4626
  • After moving an item, the app will refresh to show latest data. 5092
  • Resizing the window is smoother. !5328
  • In the item details view, tabbing to the disabled move button is now accessible with a tooltip to explain why it is disabled. !5289
  • 1Password now closes any remaining account update processes prior to the app auto-locking. 5049
  • Restored our missing scrollbars that went missing in our last update. 😬 5084
  • Instead of showing the misleading “You don’t have any items”, 1Password will now show an empty list while loading the data. !5320
  • Improved our idle timer implementation to be reliable on more Linux distributions for our auto-lock feature. !5284, 5055
  • Implemented a new Dbus interface that can be used by users to programatically lock 1Password, useful for certain Linux environments that can’t reliably detect sleep or idling states for us. !5272, !5296
1Password for Linux 0.9.26
  • Get your 📂 Documents! Documents are now available to download locally to your drive; click the down arrow next to Preview to show the file in your files manager or to open it directly. !5258
  • Check for Vulnerable Passwords with the HaveIBeenPwned.com integration has been added, you can now enable it in your Settings > Privacy before seeing it in your Watchtower dashboard. !3051
  • We’re continuing to build out our new Settings UI: Rich Icons, Format Secure Notes using Markdown, Clipboard clearing, and Watchtower options are now enabled. !5375, 5154, 5175, 5201
  • Item list now defaults to showing the most recent changes on top. !5496
  • Selecting a Quick Find result will also scroll it at the top of the item list. !5350
  • After searching all items, the first result on the item list will be selected and its details shown. !5466
  • Hovering over the Quick Find results with the mouse no longer steals the keyboard highlighting state. !5377
  • Current search will now be cleared before starting a new search. 2660
  • Cancelling search by clicking the X button now works better and it’ll return the previous item list. 5121
  • 1Password now closes its window when locking. !5503
  • Lock option is now hidden in the system tray menu when 1Password is locked. 5079
  • 1Password would instantly lock again after unlocking due to the setting for auto-lock timer being set to 0. Thanks @mdaniel for reporting this in the forums! 5170
  • The try again message after an incorrect password is now automatically cleared when you start typing. !5428
  • After selecting Watchtower and if it is taking a while, it no longer blocks the app from letting you select a different view. !5367
  • Clicking the same view on the sidebar would cause the app to rebuild the same item each time. !5355
  • When the Create Item permission for a vault was revoked while offline, 1Password would attempt to upload offline changes even though it could no longer make changes to items in that vault. 5160
  • Rebuilt our system tray implementation to be more reliable. !5506