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1Password 8 for Android
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This is 1Password 8 for iOS and Android. It’s a brand-new experience designed to bring a little order to a hyper-connected world. Where did I save my medical records? What’s my bank account number? Do I need to worry about that data breach I heard about yesterday?

And, of course, what the heck is my password?

Built for speed

iPhone and Android phone side-by-side, displaying the new 1Password 8 home screen and customization options with various sections toggled.

When we began work on 1Password 8 for iOS and Android, we went straight to customers to find out what they were trying to accomplish in 1Password. Armed with that knowledge, we then dove into making it as fast and easy as possible to achieve those tasks. Speed is everything on mobile, and 1Password 8 delivers.

It starts with your new home screen. And I mean it when I say it’s your home screen. When you open 1Password, you can hide, unhide, or reorder what you see here. You can even pin specific fields from your items to this screen for instantaneous access.

I have my kids' Screen Time passcode pinned to my home screen so I can show it in Large Type with a tap. No two people are alike – and now, no two 1Passwords are alike.

The new design also incorporates an updated, always-available navigation bar so you can:

  • Quickly access your home screen. Here you’ll find your favorites, recent items, or anything else you want fast access to.
  • Access all items across all your accounts. All your vaults, all your tags. It’s all here.
  • Search everything. When you tap the search button, the search field is immediately focused. Just start typing to find what you’re looking for.
  • Boost your security. Get one-tap access to the all-new Watchtower experience for mobile.

Of course, 1Password is more than just an app. If we’re doing things right, it feels like an extension of iOS and Android, putting the things you’ve stored in 1Password right at your fingertips, right when you need them.

Maybe you’re autofilling the one-time code when you log into your banking app, or your payment card info on Amazon.

Everywhere you need it, the autofill experience is now faster and more precise. Payment cards, addresses, identities – autofill whatever you need, when you need it, on both iOS (with the Safari extension) and Android.

Built for peace of mind

iPhone and Android phone side-by-side displaying the Watchtower dashboard with shareable security score and list of items with weak passwords.

There’s nothing like knowing – not guessing, but knowing – that you’re protected. With the all-new Watchtower experience for mobile, that peace of mind is just a tap away.

Watchtower is your security sentinel, letting you know when you need to take action and making it easier to do so. If your credentials are involved in a data breach, you’ll see an alert in Watchtower and in the item itself. Tap it to take steps to protect yourself (like changing your password).

Those actionable alerts now extend to your security score, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of your overall security. Watchtower continually evaluates key security data points (locally, on your device) to calculate your score, and shows you where you can take action to improve your security. Your score incorporates things like weak passwords, inactive two-factor authentication, compromised passwords, and others.

You can also share your score directly from Watchtower by copying it or tweeting it. Watch out, though – this can get addictive fast. I’ve been known to spend idle minutes knocking down security issues in my own vaults to get my score just a little bit higher.

We also made security questions easier. Questions like “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” or “What was the name of your childhood pet?” are designed to enhance security, but they can also be a pain. If the question is too obscure, it’s hard to remember the answer. Too common and it’s easy to find that info if an attacker looks hard enough.

Now you can generate random answers to security questions as easily as you generate a password. Just add a security question field to any item, and let 1Password generate an answer for you. Better security, no more guesswork.

Of course, you still get all the other security-boosting features you’ve come to expect from 1Password. That includes the ability to securely share items – yep, files and documents too – with anyone, even if they don’t use 1Password.

Built for you

iPhone and Android phone side-by-side displaying the 1Password 8 home screen with pinned fields and customizable sections in various configurations.

Nothing is as personal as these little rectangles in our pockets, so with 1Password 8 we wanted to create something that you could shape to your needs.

Enter the customizable new home screen.

You might want fast access to your favorites and pinned fields, whereas I might prefer to see a list of frequently used and recently created items. It’s your 1Password, so it’s your call.

What are pinned fields? The easiest way to make 1Password truly yours. You can pin any field in a 1Password item directly to your home screen, so you always have instant access to, say, your bank’s routing number or the one-time code for your Twitter login.

To customize your home screen, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Customize” then select or deselect sections to show or hide them (respectively). Drag-and-drop sections to choose the order in which they appear.

iPhone and Android phone side-by-side displaying work and travel collections

Collections have come to iOS and Android, too. Collections are an easy way to create a custom group of vaults for easier context switching. Maybe you want to create a collection of personal, work, and travel vaults, or create collections that separate shared vaults with private ones.

Again, it’s up to you. Just tap the vault icon at the top of the screen and select “Manage Collections” to set it up.

1Password also respects your device’s appearance settings, so if you dwell on the dark side all day long with Dark Mode, 1Password will embrace the darkness right along with you. 😎

Download 1Password 8 for iOS and Android

I can’t emphasize the new part of “all-new” enough. 1Password 8 is more than an upgrade: It’s a brand new experience, and you can download it now from the App Store and Google Play Store. 1Password 7 will not automatically upgrade to 1Password 8.

Once you download the app and start exploring, you’ll also find little flourishes throughout: new icons and typography, detailed item views, and new indicators next to shared items so you can see what’s shared and what’s private at a glance.

Regardless of how you set up your 1Password, you’ll be getting the most advanced version of 1Password we’ve ever built, completely recreated for a mobile-first world.

PS: I want to give a huge shout-out to all our Early Access testers. Your feedback has been invaluable… but we’re not done yet! We’re always listening, so if you’d like to share your thoughts, stop by the community and say hi.


What's new

1Password for Android 8.9.1
  • Watchtower will now update automatically after you update an item or make other changes and then switching back to Watchtower. #15969
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented app shortcuts on the Android Home screen from working correctly. #14326
  • We’ve updated several icons throughout the app. #16536, !13869
  • We’ve updated the titles for the Customize Home and Customize Items screens. #14594
  • We’ve updated the empty Home screen to be more vertically aligned. !13868
  • When selecting multiple items, you will no longer see the option to move them if you don’t have permission to move one. #15368
  • We’ve fixed a visual issue with rounded corners in dark mode on tablets. #16296
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Customize button would take up the entire screen on some devices, such as tablets. #16383
  • We fixed the issue where the empty home screen view gets slightly cut off by rotating the device to the landscape mode. #16505
1Password for Android 8.9.2
  • We’ve fixed the phrasing used to describe the available biometric unlock on the system biometric prompts. #5801
  • You can now subscribe to a 1Password membership via an in-app purchase for your 1Password account on the Manage Accounts view. !13824
  • We’ve added a button you can tap to view or edit an item when you have a list of items open via Autofill. !13871
  • Autofill now displays suggestions more reliably after tapping a username field in some apps. !14186
  • We’ve made some design improvements to what you see when you open one of the tips from the Home screen.
  • We’ve updated the pinned fields icon you see when you customize your Home screen. !14123
1Password for Android 8.9.3

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • You can now choose how often your account password is required when you unlock with biometrics. #17009,!14295
  • We’ve fixed a crash on Android 9 devices. #16982,!14284
1Password for Android 8.9.10
  • You can now tap on the link to your 1Password account when viewing the list of your accounts in the app. #16365
  • You can now sort your Favorites. !14177
  • You can now reorder and manage pinned fields. !14100,#16848
  • We’ve added an indicator to let you know if 1Password is unable to connect to 1Password.com due to network issues. !15511,!15497,!15671
  • You can now generate SSH keys from 1Password on your mobile device. #11910
  • We’ve added a Customize tooltip when you press and hold on the icon to edit your Home screen or items tabs. #18179
  • One-time passwords can now be autofilled. #16957
  • Rich icons are now available for the Autofill suggestions. #17374
  • You can now turn off two-factor authentication for your 1Password account from within the 1Password app. #7403,#16888
  • We’ve added a What’s New billboard so you can learn about new features in the latest release. !13863
  • The Home screen now has an empty view if you haven’t customized it yet. #16376
  • You can now restore archived and recently deleted items. #14972,#15972
  • We’ve added an Import Passwords button to the items list if you’re just getting started and don’t have any items yet. #18448
  • Opening a private link to an item will now show you the item in the app. #16089,!14791
  • You can now rename the emergency Emergency Kit when you save it. #17049

  • You can now only choose an item icon from the supported file types: JPEG, GIF, and PNG. #14717

  • You can now fast scroll in an item list. #16907

  • We’ve added an annual subscription option for 1Password Teams Starter Pack accounts. #16931

  • When you show the search results for a query with no matching items, the sort button will now be hidden. #18055

  • One-time password notifications are now classified as high-priority. #17513

  • We’ve improved the progress spinner in Watchtower. !15489

  • Biometric unlock is now only supported with strong authenticators, like fingerprint unlock. #16420

  • Autofill will now recognize additional password fields. !14190

  • Locked accounts are now displayed when moving an item. #16627

  • We’ve fixed an issue where “\n” would be displayed at the end of the Password Strength summary in Watchtower in languages other than English. #17591

  • We’ve corrected the label used to refer to Traditional Chinese. #17521

  • We’ve updated some translations and localization. !14124,!13604,#16590,#16434,!13990,!13816,!14022,#16403,!13920

  • We’ve made some improvements to vulnerable password checks in Watchtower. #17017

  • We’ve made some improvements to accessibility in the item details view. #16433

  • We’ve updated the lock screen icon. ✨ #16498

  • We’ve made some minor visual improvements when you select a sign-in method when first setting up the app or adding a new account. #16855

  • Buttons in dialog pop-ups no longer display dark text on dark backgrounds. #18487

  • We’ve made some visual improvements to the experience of searching for items. #16430

  • We’ve improved the design of the Home screen. #16606

  • We’ve redesigned the experience of signing in to Duo. !15398

  • We’ve made various design improvements throughout the app and fixed some visual issues. #16767,#16768,#16381,#16380,#15940,#15288,#16585,#16916,#16734

  • We’ve made some improvements to selecting items. !14132

  • We’ve fixed an issue that could result in a repeating “Authentication timeout” prompt if you use Duo. #17939
  • The edit button is no longer shown in item lists. #16788
  • Deleted items no longer show an empty item location. #14777
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the OK and Cancel buttons were hard to read when changing a date field when using the dark theme. #17412
  • We’ve fixed some visual issues when the Home screen was customized to remove all sections. #17387
  • We’ve removed a duplicate Edit button from the Autofill popup. #16914
  • Item list titles are now display properly in right-to-left languages. #16965
  • We’ve fixed an issue where an item’s details were shown after the search results were cleared. #16710
  • We’ve fixed an issue where items couldn’t be saved in a vault if the permission to archive items wasn’t granted. #15904
  • We’ve fixed an intermittent crash that could occur when opening the app. !15006
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash when opened after you performed a search and switched to another app. #18014
  • We’ve fixed an issue where renaming a tag wouldn’t sync the change to your 1Password account. #16416
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented fields with matching section identifiers from being deleted. !12449
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the title of the Home screen wouldn’t display. #16882
  • We’ve fixed an issue where a pinned field that was removed from an item could not be unpinned. !13951
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the sidebar would remain open on top of other elements that should be in focus. #17044
  • We’ve fixed an issue where Autofill would be turned on even if setup was canceled. #15833
  • We’ve fixed an issue where rotating your device while creating a new item would close the item details and not save the item. #16491
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented you from restoring items from the Archive if multiple items were selected. #17544
  • We’ve fixed a few issues that could occur if you used 1Password.com to sign in to the app. #16088
  • We’ve fixed some issues with app shortcuts in the launcher. !15512
  • We’ve fixed some issues navigating between tabs. #18292
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Emergency Kit file couldn’t be saved completely. #17541
  • We’ve fixed an issue where password strength was set incorrectly when generating a new password in new items. #17426
  • We’ve fixed an issue where tapping on an item from the Home screen wouldn’t display the item details. #17223
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the Autofill option in Settings to not match the state of the Autofill settings on your device. #16596
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented Autofill suggestions from displaying in certain apps, such as Medium. #16890
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the actions on an item with an unsecured website would not be displayed after 1Password syncs. #16770
  • We’ve fixed an issue where tapping a favorite item on a tablet would take a while to scroll to the item in the list. #16619
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the calendar picker would use the day before the one that you chose. #16626
  • We’ve fixed an issue on tablets where an item’s details would be shown after it’s archived. #15373
  • We’ve fixed some crashes. #16982,#16946,#16758,#16682,#16400
1Password for Android 8.9.12
  • We’ve added an offline indicator to let you know if 1Password is unable to connect to 1Password.com due to network issues. !15511,!15497,!15671,!15594
  • You can now see items that you’ve recently viewed from search results when you tap Search. !15664
  • Searching for items now displays the full list of results. It make take a few moments for all results to appear. #18145
  • We’ve updated the app icon for both stable and beta releases. #17811
  • We’ve added dark mode support to the share menu icons. #16218
  • We’ve updated the All Accounts icon shown in the top corner of the app. #16499
  • We’ve improved how Markdown formatting appears in Secure Notes and Notes fields. #12283
  • We’ve temporarily removed the icon from the empty Collections view. !15741
  • You can now edit and delete vaults by opening the vault and tapping the overflow menu button. #17802,!14971
  • You can now copy the version number of the app from the About settings. #16010
  • We’ve made some accessibility improvements to the item sharing screen. #18598
  • We’ve made a few visual changes to the experience of creating and managing collections. #14802
  • We’ve updated some translations. #18754
  • We’ve fixed an issue where clicking or tapping View after moving more than one item would take you to the item details for one of the items instead of showing the list of moved items in the vault. #15436
  • We’ve fixed an accessibility issue where focus would get stuck on the visibility toggle of the password field when signing in to a 1Password account. !15695
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused field data to be removed when creating new fields in an item. #18903
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused a loading spinner to display when creating a new item. #18815
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause a draft of an item to not be saved if you tapped the back button in the navigation bar. #18647
  • We’ve fixed an issue where focus would move from the password field after tapping the reveal password icon when signing into a 1Password account. #16956
  • We’ve fixed a visual issue that could cause a 4-digit Watchtower score to move the last number to a new line. #17538
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the icons for vaults would flash when searching for a vault in the pop-up to move or copy an item. #18437
  • We’ve fixed an issue where you wouldn’t see the touch feedback animation when tapping buttons in the tab bar when using the dark theme. #18444
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could result in a repeating “Authentication timeout” prompt if you use Duo. #17939
  • When you show the search results for a query with no matching items, the sort button will now be hidden. #18055
  • We’ve fixed a crash that occurred when manually locking 1Password and being in a country that is blocked by the firewall settings on your 1Password account. #18828
  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused tapping Search when already viewing the Search tab to show a blank screen. #18738
  • We’ve fixed an issue where tapping View after moving an item would cause you to switch from the collection you were viewing to the account it’s in. !15274